Aqua TGS07 trailer

Get set for an undersea adventure so real you'll want to wear Scuba gear while playing

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vaan3902d ago

Is this a game?

***off topic***
Is there still a chance of a Shadow Of The Colossus 2 announcement?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3902d ago

Sony's conference didn't announce 1 new game. I hope there more new games than that to show.

Vojkan3902d ago

TGS has been weak so far, no new announcments.

Anyone has any idea about th song in this video?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3902d ago

Sony's Press Conference was like an introduction. Aqua... more on the right track. Atleast it's a new game for the playstation 3.

While Aqua doesn't look action packed or like it's gonna challenge Halo 3 anytimes soon it could be interesting. Seriously...

PS3 isn't all about fragging.

Douchebaggery3902d ago

if this game was for the Wii people would say "wow how innovative"

BIadestarX3902d ago

"Sony's conference didn't announce 1 new game." was this not predictable? Sony already announced everything they had until 2009 at E3.... by the way... I like Sony new strategy... if they can't make AAA games then make AAA screen savers... I don't understand Sony obsession to consumer energy... first @folding and now screen savers.... you want to see fish and animal... get "Planet Earth" on HD DVD or blu-ray.. now that's a nice thing to put on your TV.

Douchebaggery3902d ago

i don't understand your obsession with sony you b!tch about every single move sony makes and when there's something positive about sony you're nowhere to be found unless you think of a way to twist it into a negative.

almost all your post you talk about how bad sony fanboys are when in fact you display the same behavior.

why don't you just enjoy your 2 x360s and stop being a d!ck.

have a nice day

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