Sony NGP (PSP2): Price Expectations before Release

Product-Reviews writes: You can pick up a 160GB PS3 console from Amazon now for $299, but don’t be surprised if the NGP ends up being higher than it’s console counterpart. If we were to take a guess as to the final price of the handheld, we’re going to place it between $299 and $399.

How much are you willing to pay?

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Joni-Ice2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I wont be surprised if the price is higher. Im still buying day 1,as long as the price is within reason.

SasanovaS19872705d ago

id buy it at 399.99 tops. but i expect it at 299.99.

velaxun2705d ago

Same here. I expect the price to be more in the 350-399 range. Especially the model with 3g.

longcat2705d ago

I have no problem with $400, but it depends on the functionality of the device.

Let the community design some apps for it sony

Peppino72705d ago

I think sony is watching how we respond to it and then that will help them price it. If everyone starts going crazy over it even before a price comes then sony knows they can raise the price. 399 is steep but justifyable, and a long shot if they wanna compete with 3ds. 299 is what it should be but I see 349 as the final price.

Masterchef20072705d ago

You know what to do people

OMG Sony if you release the NGP at 299€ i am never gonna get it cause it is too expensive. I dont think its worth 299€ it should be 249€ cause if it isnt i will just get a 3DS.

Now if everyone said this then sony will drop the price like a hot potato.

jneul2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

@masterchef2007 you do realise there is alot of hardware is ngp and you expect to have it at $249, that's not going to happen because i bet you anything it's not cheap to make the ngp, quit whining ngp is harcore and is like having a ps3 in your hands, and 3ds has gfx like a cube with 3d.

tr00p3r2705d ago

$299 would be a fair price I agree, but I think it will be higher knowing Sony.

SnukaTheMan2705d ago

But anything over 400....which will be downloadable only....will be a big mistake...

xrapperkdx2705d ago

I would want it to be at 249.99. I really hope these games surpass the psp 1's line up. The psp games sucked imo and it didnt deliver how i thought it would being the hardcore gamer that i am.

jneul2705d ago

$299-$349 will be fine for me sony, it's worth the extra $$ to have a ps3 in your hands on the go