Coca Cola PlayStation Move Sweepstakes

Coke giving away 50 PS3 + Move Prize Packs each week in its PlayStation Move Sweepstakes.

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slinky1234562881d ago

i thought Move was gonna be on every can of coke right when it released.

Mustang300C20122881d ago

But but but isn't this the same thing fanboys complained that MS did oh noes

SilverSlug2881d ago

No. They asked a logical question. Does Microsoft count 'each connect' that was given away my Burger King every '10 minutes'?

How is this not logical thinking when a company boosts huge numbers...

FailOverHero2881d ago

But those were not SOLD so obviously they do not count. They can't put giveaways on a financial report, come on use some logic

kneon2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Actually depending on how the deal is done, they can. You hire an outside company to run the promotion. They buy the product for the give away and then charge everything back to you.

So on the sales side it counts as a sale, on the advertising side it counts as a cost.

GLoRyKnoT2881d ago

I will win one of these. yes yes

duplissi2881d ago

thats what i said about the every ten minutes game for the xbox back in 05... i had nearly 200 caps too... all i got was a lousy backpack. :(

jneul2881d ago

Cool about time the move promo begun, this will help spread word again:-D

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