PS3 DCUO Players Like American Idol, PC Ones Don’t

Console and PC gamers often point out the differences between each other, with both groups claiming that their preferred method of gaming is better. Turns out there is in fact a difference – whether they like American Idol.

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LtSkittles2756d ago

Haha, yeah that is weird.

captain-obvious2756d ago

the best part in American Idol , America got talent ans american inventor and what ever show that got the same idea + all those remakes for other counters and languages

is the tryouts part
and thats it
the rest is just the TV channels and phone companies cashing in from stupid ppl via votes

LtSkittles2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Yeah, I don't watch it at all. I do play DCUO like it's going out of style though.

NJShadow2756d ago

Hey now, I gotta keep my eye out for the next... *whispers* sanjaya...

DA_SHREDDER2756d ago

yeah right dude. Just bringing that up makes you as bad as this article. Haha, hahahaha.

ftwrthtx2756d ago

The difference is you don't have to turn off the PC to watch the TV, but you do have to turn off the PS3 since it shares the TV.

ZombieAssassin2756d ago

Ha people actually like that show I thought everyone only watched for the tryouts.

Sev2756d ago

Son of a bitch, I was part of that. I only watch to see J-lo's ass. Too bad she's always sitting on the show.

Spitfire_Riggz2756d ago

maybe we will get a shot from behind... with her sitting...

wolfehound222756d ago

Hmm, this is such a strange stat.

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The story is too old to be commented.