Video-game remakes: The business of nostalgia

A gamer tries to find the middle ground on the polarizing subject of video-game remakes.

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Pozzle2878d ago

I'm surprised Resident Evil wasn't mentioned, considering it was one of the better video game remakes.

TruthbeTold2878d ago

Why is this a 'Polarizing' issue? If you've played it and don't want to buy it again, don't. Having an attitude of 'That shouldn't exist because I'm done with it!' is just ridiculous.

ChickeyCantor2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


Most idiots here freaking try to dictate a company while it isn't affecting them.
( reminds me of gay-rights to marry...LOL)


O yeah? have you even tried pikmin? Or ever heard of Fire Emblem( not new but hey people seem to forget this one). Have you seen the new Kirby? And The new DKCR doesn't add innovative gameplay to the series? And what about all those other titles from Nintendo who no one seems to talk about?

What is that? Not your type of games?
Then STFU to begin with.


(that was not towards you TruthBeTold).

Masterchef20072878d ago

Its a quick cheap way to make a profit thats why they do it. But yes i do get tired of seeing the same releases over and over again. I know that a lot of ppl love orcania of time but i played that game already i would like to see a new zelda or better yet a new IP on the 3DS. But anyways its Nintendos baby and they can either nuture it or drop kick it.

dragunrising2878d ago

While a port of Zelda Oot is considerably cheaper to make than a brand new game, Nintendo wouldn't make it if gamers didn't want it. If there was an option of a portable classic being re-released or no Zelda at all, I think most would choose the former.

If the port improves on the original, even if a little, it will be appreciated. I played Rayman 2 originally on N64 and re-bought it for Dreamcast. Suffice to say, the experience (60 fps) was better and the controls were improved. I couldn't be happier with this re-release/port as Rayman 2 was already a great game. While we are still talking about the same game, Rayman 2 will see another re-release on 3DS. The game is a port of the Dreamcast version, has 3D and better hardware to run on. Rayman 2 was amazing fun way back when and will be just as much...and in 3D and portable.

If devs/publishers produce an inferior product, I agree, I don't want it. If they produce something superior/new/fun for nostalgic fans, I respectfully disagree.

Masterchef20072878d ago

Thats true sort of like the collections on the PS3 for example. It costs very little to reproduce an old game than to create a new one. But anyways since i can do what i want with my money i have the freedom to choose what i want and dont want. As long as someone doesnt force me to buy something then i have no problem with its existence in the market. What i like seeing is when they open an online store for EX PSN and they sell PSX titles. At least you didnt mark me trolling so you have my thks

dragunrising2878d ago

Everyone has their opinion :-) And no, I didn't think you were trolling. My point still stands. Some people will buy older games for nostalgic purposes only, even if the game has aged badly. People do what they want with their money regardless, like you said.

I have purchased every PSone Final Fantasy, Metroid NES and Super, Mario 1,2,3, World, Perfect Dark, etc, etc. Why? Good memories. I may or may not get back to all of these games, but they make me remember all the fun I had as a kid and adolescent.

If a company brings back a port and improves on the game, its usually reason for me to buy it. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is a good example of a game improved upon.

Zelda Oot definitely looks better than it did. Does it look amazing? No. But it looks good enough to impress (me), is portable, and looks to have improved/superior controls.

I gave you an agree because I agree to disagree :-p haha

N4OGs2878d ago

You cant just simply not buy it because nintendo will continue to seell you the same games with slight upgrades every generation. I mean every game they got has been released 6-7 times already. What you need to do is show nintendo they need to make new games and get the people who buy the same thing every generation to open there eyes. You wouldnt just not fight the nazis and let them continue to do what they did would you?

ChickeyCantor2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Words can not describe it.

"You wouldnt just not fight the nazis and let them continue to do what they did would you?"

O noh! nottu Rintenduuu.
You basically just compared them to nazi's...

I salute your trolling.

Venox20082878d ago

there are a lot of games that I didn't play before, some are there are that I don't want to play, because they are too blocky, broken or ... I didn't play Ocarina of time, didn't play first RE, until I played RE:MAKE.. it's good that devs are making games for a second chance.. but I do talk only about good games, good francizes.. I do like nice visuals (not tech but art style, Ps2 graphics is enough for me, some SNES, GENESIS).. it's nice to see games reworked, that we played and love (yes, not another star wars) :) for me, it's good :)

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