Gamepro: SOCOM 4 Singleplayer Preview

Gamepro: Zipper Interactive doesn't have too much to say about the singleplayer campaign in SOCOM 4 just yet, but here's what we can glean from a single demo level.

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Bathyj2726d ago

I havent been following this because I thought it was geared towards online play only.

This preview is encouraging though. Does anyone know if the single player portion is substantial?

I love, more tactical shooters and having squad members you can give orders to. This looks pretty nice, hopefully the SP campain is pretty fleshed out. Surely they wouldnt have gone to this trouble if it was only a short afterthought.

showtimefolks2726d ago

great 3rd person military shooter market is full of FPS

and i hope this socom is more like socom 2

how long is the story i read its like 10-12hrs

wu-stix2726d ago

Sounds interesting. I should be done Killzone 3 after a couple of months so this will be a nice change. I wonder if Socom is going to be 3D also. I know most of the new ps3 games coming out are but some aren't.