In the beginning: Interactivity in Mass Effect: Genesis

Bitmob Writer Layton Shumway: Mass Effect: Genesis helped get me up to speed on important plot points. But the interactivity left me cold.

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Sadie21002705d ago

I played the 360 version but i could use this catch-up....

choadley2705d ago

I'm surprised. How couldn't a short comic carry the same emotional weight of a 60 hour RPG?

Redempteur2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

watch a recap on youtube then ..there is a pretty good one in 26 eps and it summarize better the story for you.
i realize genesis is not the right answer to this dillema but it's still an answer ..
At least we know that these key choice we've made have an effect afterwards ..thats' better than no choices at all