Homefront to Appear on GDC

In addition of EA showing some of its hottest titles 1 like Battlefield 3 during Game Developer’s Conference this March, THQ sent out an invitation today hinting us that Homefront will make an appearance to said event.

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fr0sty2705d ago

As am I! Can't wait to play this one again!

thebudgetgamer2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

wouldn't it be hard to see it on the roof.

SpitFireAce852705d ago

How about a beta or demo its a new franchise i
cant believe how ignorant a dev like THQ/Kaos studios
can be! did they forget that their last FPS
Frontlines:FW did NOT do so well.. give us a
beta so we can help you make it better...

Dellis2705d ago

What's with the hype for this game, I bet you on day 1

it won't even have half of the gamers that COD/BC2 will

have playing online.

venom062705d ago

if this developer is smart, they better come out with a BETA and fast.. otherwise this one is gonna crash and burn a quick embarrasing death...

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