NGP: Do Adults Want a Handheld?

MMGN: It’s easy to be uncontrollably excited about the possibilities of the NGP after its blockbuster announcement event, but it’s following a similar path to the PSP. While it’s certainly my pick of the handhelds prior to their respective launches, it will be very interesting to see if there is a long term audience for a hardcore gaming handheld, particularly for adults. I have no doubt it will fly off shelves at launch, but after the PSP, the longevity of the NGP has to be in-question.

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ZombieAssassin2702d ago

I'd say in Japan adults will eat it up (as they do really any handheld) the rest of the world I'd say it'll sell better than the PSP did Sony just needs to market it really well at launch and have games that appeal to a variety of players.

I know I'm gonna buy it as soon as I can but I don't know too many people who game on handhelds...although with 3G support and a CoD I'm sure some of my friends will pick it up just to play a game or two during their lunch breaks.

remanutd552702d ago

i know i do and thats all that matters to me , oh and by the way this adult loved the Little Deviants live stage demo !!!! a new way to play games !!!! count me in !!!

Joni-Ice2701d ago

Im 35 and I want one now.

thebudgetgamer2701d ago

i do, between school and work i'm on the bus a lot and i usually have a few boring hours at work to kill.

dannybohy2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

at 35 yrs old! I personally would feel a total [email protected] out in public with a handheld console like the psp, psp2!. I bought my psp while in America thinking it would atleast pass a few hours on the plane flights I had coming up! but apart from being on a plane I never took it out with me!, cant imagine many blokes in the UK at least over say 20yrs would play this out and about!? not without looking a bit of a loser!. handhelds are casual anyways and I can casual game and not look such a twonk with my smartphone/iphone