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GeForce GTX 590 in February with dual GF110

GeForce GTX 590 is the confirmed name of NVIDIA's coming graphics card flagship. With dual GF110 GPUs the beafy graphics card will offer 1024 CUDA cores and 3GB memory. Perhaps the most exciting is that the launch is set for February, in the same timeframe as AMD Radeon HD 6990 is expected to arrive. (NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

Pandamobile  +   1764d ago
Hmm. I wonder if I can use the GTX 480 I got as an RMA replacement form my 295 in EVGA's Step Up program.
Theo1130  +   1764d ago
Greedy whore,

I want to know the price, if it's 6 large, im in
toaster  +   1764d ago
You're going to Step Up from your Step Up card? lol

Your 480 should have arrived by now, no? You'd have to pay for shipping again.
Pandamobile  +   1764d ago
I cannot :(

Lol, my videocard history is kind of weird.

6200 -> 7600 GT -> 2x 7600 GT -> 8800 GT (died) -> 8800 GTS -> GTX 280 -> STEP UP -> GTX 295 -> RMA -> GTX 480.
Ducky  +   1764d ago
nVidia fanboy.

2011 will be sad for you, ATI has all teh exclusives like battlefield3. Trololo.
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Kon  +   1764d ago
Not a single ATI card? Not a fan of it?
toaster  +   1764d ago
ATI have just been outperformed by nVidia in every generation. They are usually first to market with a new GPU but fall short when nVidia beats them. It has always been like this, my first video card was an ATI but I soon switched over to nVidia and never looked back. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that nVidia has much better support, drivers, and better performing.

This generation of DX11 is a prime example of this. 68xx/69xx were touted to destroy nVidia. But then the 580/570 come out of nowhere and AMD cards look really weak compared to the performance you get with nVidia. The 560 Ti just released and that pretty much has AMD's market segment in a stranglehold as nVidia has the best performing cards in every price category. The performance:price ratio is truly amazing. nVidia has superior Tessellation and in general is faster than the AMD price equivalent. Really, there is no reason at all to go AMD in 2011.
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Pandamobile  +   1764d ago
I wouldn't call myself an Nvidia fanboy. I'm open to both, but Nvidia always had the better cards when I was in the market. If I was in the market during the 4xxx series, I would have gone for one.

I think 90% of the PC's I've built for friends have been equipt with AMD cards.

4870s, 5850s, all the good shit.
Sarcasm  +   1764d ago
I don't get why someone has to be a fanboy just because they buy a graphics card from a certain company. The fact is that the high end GPU's, nvidia has the upper hand. For the value segment, usually AMD offers more.
Ducky  +   1764d ago
^ It was sarcasm. Hence why the talk about ATI having 'all teh exclusives'.

Though, I've usually stuck with ATI, since they usually have the upper hand when I'm shopping around (I don't care what brand is it, as long as it offers a better bang for buck).
It's a constant tug-of-war between the two and no-one really holds onto the crown for long.
nVidia seems to be reclaiming their throne this year.
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Pandamobile  +   1764d ago
Honestly, I'm just an EVGA fanboy more than anything.


Their customer support people are awesome. That whole company is full of awesome people.
awiseman  +   1764d ago
Take that gayMD cheaters
Kon  +   1764d ago
Not funny.
Killzoned  +   1764d ago
i was planning to build a gaming PC with GTX 580 in mind guess i will wait for the 590 !!
Incipio  +   1764d ago
Who the hell uses 3GB of video ram
Ducky  +   1764d ago
Real Men.

Unlike those flimsy Integer Men. >.>
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kneon  +   1764d ago
What about those complex men, or many the transcendental men :)
Letros  +   1764d ago
It's useful for obnoxious triple screen resolutions with lots of AA.
Pandamobile  +   1764d ago
Technically, I think dual video cards can only use half of their advertised RAM.

The RAM has to be split 50/50 per GPU, and the data on both GPU's RAM has to be identical (I THINK)

My GTX 295 had an advertised (total) 1.7 GB, so I'd technically only have ~850 MB of RAM up for grabs in a game (or so GTA IV tells me).

I was playing Metro 2033 on max settings and that uses all 1.5 GB of RAM on my 480.
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Sarcasm  +   1764d ago
It's a dual GPU which is 1.5gb of VRAM each so technically only 1.5gb of VRAM is usable.
toaster  +   1764d ago
nVidia is at the top of their game again, they rule the roster in every market from low end to high end. There is no denying that nVidia cards outperform the AMD cards in their respective markets. With the launch of the 590, it will only solidify nVidia's lead over AMD in terms of pure performance. 3GB of memory is a lot, plenty for two GF110s. What I'm worried about though is the power. As the article stated, "Max. consumption: A lot" lol. But hey you need a lot of power to push 580s and on the same PCB no less.
NYC_Gamer  +   1764d ago
yes,Nvidia has won this round with solid peformance/prices
GrumpyVeteran  +   1764d ago
3GB of VRAM is quite a ton.

Is it really needed right now? By the time VRAM would be used up to that point, plenty more generations of video cards would've come out.

The only game I've seen use over 1GB of VRAM was GTA4 on the PC due to its horribly unoptimised code.

Regardless, it's gonna be really interesting who comes out on top.
Kakkoii  +   1764d ago
This is a dual GPU card, so no, that isn't a tonne. Most single GPU cards these days have 1.5GB of RAM.. So what happens when you go for dual or tri SLI? 3GB and 4.5GB's!

And actually if you do multi-monitor display at high resolutions, and even more so in 3D, that takes a lot of mem. And it's future proofing the cards.

If you work in the game/film industry the more RAM on the GPU the better also.
Xfanboy  +   1764d ago
oh sh!t!!
Big_Dom  +   1764d ago
3gb duel GPU cards? Fucking beast that is. I just hope devs start to take full advantage of PC technology, because the PS3 fanboy bullshit is doing my tits in about how its the be all and end all of graphics known in the history of the universe and mankind. Anyone with half a brain knows that a decent spec PC from a few years ago eats and shits a console, but with something like this in a PC now, I can only imagine what devs can do, and they better start doing it. BF3 should be the first to showcase what a current gen PC is all about.
kneon  +   1764d ago
But what does it matter how good PC games can look if the best games are on PS3? I just recently built a 12gb i7 950 with an Nvidia 580. Other than starting up Crysis for about 15 minutes I haven't played any games on it. But the PS3s are always on in my house.

I gave my daughter my "old" 12gb i7 930 with an AMD 5850, she hasn't used it for gaming except for a bit of Mass Effect. She's always on the PS3.
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Kakkoii  +   1764d ago
You sound rich. Thought of stocking up on good games on Steam and giving them a go on max settings. Like GTA IV? Metro 2033, DiRT 2, Mafia 2, and so many more awesome games..
kneon  +   1763d ago
Well no not rich but I don't really need to worry about spending money, within reason. I haven't made less than 6 figures in about 20 years.

I have a Steam account and a bunch of games, but I currently prefer the games on PS3. The PS3 is my first ever console, but I've played pretty much all of them since the days of the Telstar, Odyssey, Atari 2600 etc. But until this generation I'd always been primarily a PC gamer, started with the Apple ][ where I wrote my very first game.
LightofDarkness  +   1764d ago
This shall be my upgrade GPU.
Skynetone  +   1764d ago
another graphics card trying to compete with the ps3, and kz3
Big_Dom  +   1763d ago
This is exactly what I'm talking about. Clueless bellends spouting this kind of garbage. Let me educate you: this GPU could take a game like KZ3, run it at insane resolutions with over three times the texture cache (meaning far more detailed and higher res textures), have DX 11 running with tessilation (meaning more geometric detail), have other stuff like soft shadows and a few million more light sources into the mix, and still have it running well over 60 fps. In other words, this card would take KZ3, mash it up, eat it, shit it out, then mash it up some more, then eat it again and still crave for seconds. Get it through your skull - PS3 is last gen tech compared to these newer cards.
ATiElite  +   1764d ago
OK I'm gonna set this straight.

The GTX 590 BETTER support a 3 monitor 3D set up all by it's self and if it doesn't then NVIDIA is FAIL. The GTX 580 is $530 but does not support a 3 monitor 3D set up unless you buy another $530 card.

The GTX 590 is gonna be around $600 to $700 bucks and that's far too much cash not to have 3 monitor 3D support when a HD 6970 for $370 will give you (3 screen) Eyefinity support right out the box with your CHOICE of 3D software available.

The HD 6990 will support 6 screen Eyefinity right out the box just like the HD 5970 and HD 5870 Eyefinity models. Sure the GTX 590 will be one hell of a card but it better come with all the bells and whistles cause Nvidia loves forcing gamers to buy 2 cards to do 3 screen 3D gaming where AMD only requires ONE.

Gigabyte GTX 560 ti Super Overclock SLI is the best gaming option out there....... right after the HD 6950 Crossfire w/ both cards flashed to HD 6970 bios. Nvidia or AMD you can't go wrong either way as their products this gen are FANTASTIC!!
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Kazu0 Hirai  +   1763d ago
I agree, both products are generally good. The main difference between the 2 are price. an nvidia 580 costs $510 - $530. You can get 95% of that performance with an amd 6970 for $370. Thats a huge difference and thats why i support amd. Fanboys like TOASTER need to wake up and realize not everyone likes being price gouged for a VERY SMALL performance increase with a brand new nvidia card.

However im interested to see how the dual card offerings from both companies stack up against each other next month. I would consider going with the 590 if its a similar price to 6990 and better performance
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ATiElite  +   1763d ago
Yeh I just don't understand those who Love the "Green Team", don't get me wrong they make a great product but come on a HD 6970 runs every game at 2560 x 1600 very well for $160 dollars cheaper and add $60 to that savings and you got yourself a Core i5 2500K. The Gtx 580 is too much and it doesn't support 3D surround without buying another card unlike the HD 6970 you get Eyefinity support right out the box.

Nvidia had to make a GTX 590 cause the HD 5970 is still killing the GTX 580.
Kazu0 Hirai  +   1763d ago
another perfect example of how nvidia likes to rape people in the ass. If amd has eyefinity support with a single mid-range card, there is absolutely no reason why people should have to sli nvidia cards to get the same thing.

nvidia makes good products but they have their head so far up their own ass they can taste yesterday's breakfast.

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