Incredible Deal on Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 - $9.99 Free Shipping

These are the type of prices gamers love to see. During Black Friday, Splinter Cell: Conviction was being offered for the amazing price of $9.99 with free shipping. Guess what? It's back!

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gamer20102732d ago

Great game. At this price it is a steal.

showtimefolks2732d ago

don't go play this game thinking its a shooter first its a poor stealth game i played it still have it the shooting felt really week in this game

on the other hand co-op and story is good but for 10 its a great buy

sickbird2732d ago

am i missing some or is it 9.99 used?

Jezuz2732d ago

wtf it free shipping to america only, not everyone's american

lodossrage2732d ago

it is (amazon U.S.) giving the deal.

xlockingupthesunx2732d ago

Eh, decent game but not really worth keeping around, even at $9.99

The online is enjoyable, but the campaign isn't anything to boast about, and the game has been sitting on my shelf for 6 months. Probably should've traded it in, but apparently it's worth $3 trade in value now.

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