NGP strong support among studios, producers and editors

Meristation says, "The NGP 3G connection is optional. Andrew House, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has confirmed. In contrast, the Wi-Fi will actually be available on all models of the new portable Sony. "

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AutoCad2703d ago

why wouldnt it have support.?
Just another machine for developers to make money from.

thereapersson2703d ago

Wi-Fi was on the last psp; there is no reason why it wouldn't be in the NGP.

DORMIN2703d ago

Well to note there are a lot of notable developers like Rockstar Leeds, Epic, and From Software

Imagine if the games they are developing are San Andreas Stories, Demon's Souls/3D Dot Heroes Portable, and even maybe Gears of War

Kalipekona2703d ago

Everything about the NGP is great: the support, the specs, the design, the features. The only important question mark left is the price. I hope that they can somehow make it fairly affordable. I know that it packs a ton of tech under the hood so it is going to be difficult to make it affordable, but in order for it to be as successful as it deserves it needs to be at least somewhat affordable.

Xephon082703d ago

if you think about it a new phone cost a ton unless you sing up for a contract and get a discount so something like 399 might be the price, at 299 tho it might be the sweet spot, the device seems to have everything that people wanted tho and i'm going to be getting it day 1.

STiRacer2703d ago

i agree, everything about this system is phenomenal. The only thing im concerned about is the price. $299 sounds just about right, but, sadly I dont see it happening. Im thinking more like a minimum of $399 will be a more realistic price. The other thing is the games. I wonder how much the games will retail for? Better not be 49.99!

Marceles2703d ago

I just hope it gets better support in the US this time around. I've been jealous this whole time of everything Japan gets for PSP.

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Sarcasm2703d ago

So far positive reactions from developers and gamers alike. Only a few more questions that need answers.

Release Date.

Kalipekona2703d ago

I think we know the release date will be sometime later this year right? But yeah, it would still be nice to know the exact date.

The price is my biggest concern. I really want one, but money is a lot tighter now and I won't be able to afford it if it is too expensive. Somewhere around the price that the original PSP launched at would be acceptable.

However, I fear that with all the tech packed into this amazing little device that it will be impossible to make it affordable. If it is like $400 I won't be able to get one. Even $300 is kind of pushing it.

Raider692703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Do you know the price on one sony oled 7.4" monitor right!


Dont expecte a cheaper PSP2!

STiRacer2703d ago

Damn, I guess i better start applying for a loan or something. Hmmm, I wonder how much money are kidneys going for these days?

Sarcasm2703d ago

Well the release date is still uncertain as they said it will be Holiday 2011 for the Japan market. Who knows if they are going to release it worldwide.

As for price, it could end up being cheaper than people expect because it will launch at the end of this year or early next year.

Look at the rapid falling prices of GPU's and CPUs. The ARM Quad Core will be cheaper for Sony to purchase by the time they release the device.

I'm expecting it to be a minimum of $299 though. Honestly. I'm willing to pay for it. But $349 or $399, no can do.

However it's pretty ironic though that people will fork over $499 and up to $699 for an iPad, iPhone 4, etc.

nycredude2703d ago

I think Sarcasm has a point there. That is most likely why they won't release the price point until later this year, probably closer to E3.

Samk182703d ago

the price is not for the oled. Its for the monitor some kind of professional grade monitor. If you were comparing those monitor for the price its priced right for its size its not the oled that made it that expensive. Plus Sony started investing on a oled production plant back in 2008. They said its cheaper to produce than lcd. Isuppli says that the cost for 4" amoled screen is about $38. So quit trying to confuse people.

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maniac762703d ago

for real,who wouldnt jump on this beast and ride it lol

Neko_Mega2703d ago

Not a shock, Sony does this all the time and it is nice to know.

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