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In recent years, Super Hero MMOs have been rather hit and miss, with both City of Heroes and Champions Online trying to be the standout superhero title on offer; but the moment Sony announced an MMO featuring all the stars of the DC Universe we knew the battle-lines has been drawn. While both Cryptic and NCSoft both tried to get the upper-hand with their hero wannabes, who is really going to challenge a MMO with the likes of The Joker, Batman and Superman as its coverstars?

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ftwrthtx2731d ago

The beta was fun, but I'm not fond of any subscription based service.

BigWoopMagazine2730d ago

that's really the only reason I'll probably never play this.

Chaostar2731d ago

Nice write-up as always PlaystationLifeStyle.

I agree that communication is difficult at the moment and voice chat is pretty much non-existent. However with a keyboard typing becomes much less of a chore and, as you become more experienced, you notice the best times to chat during instances.

It IS a bit inconvenient but I believe it will improve with future updates. This also goes for the games many bugs, which, while not game-breaking, can be a total annoyance.

For a fledgling MMO just out of the starting block it's a fantastic start and one that will motivate the evolution of this game to create something truly superb.

A well deserved 8 going on 10 :)

dragon822731d ago

I will be picking this up in a couple weeks. Can't wait to get back into it. I would also give it an 8/10 based on the beta.

wolfehound222731d ago

The only thing keeping me from this game, is the subscription. I've never owned a game with a monthly fee, and I am not sure if I want to start now.