3.56 firmware update preventing HDD upgrades for newer Playstation 3 models

The recently-released 3.56 firmware update is apparently preventing many users with the 16 MB flash Playstation 3 models from being able to upgrade to a new hard disk drive.

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Prcko2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

thanks to who???
gj -,-

El_Colombiano2393d ago

Read guys. It was a big that was fixed before, and should be fixed yet again.

branchedout2393d ago

Why read when it's much easier to jump to conclusions?

I for one will have to wait for a new firmware. I went to a party last weekend and brought my ps3. Since then, I've been to occupied with school to hook it up. I also got a 500GB harddrive in that time because Playstation Plus is filling my 80GB up.

Guess who's gonna be playing offline until Sony fixes the bug!

longcat2393d ago

jumping to conclusions is all the exercise that i get

Fat Bastard2393d ago

What kind of party can you bring a ps3 to?

zeeshan2393d ago

These types of bugs are pretty pathetic to be honest. You'd think that Sony has guys working on these things 24 hours a day and with some type of QA department checking everything yet these things keep coming. No, this is NOT acceptable. First, I am pissed that the new version got hacked right away so that means more security patches and now we have to wait for a patch FOR a patch?

inveni02393d ago

What is the 16MB Flash version of the PS3? I have no idea what that means.

zag2393d ago

It won't be a bug it'll be a case of
"I've installed CFW and found that I can't play X game due to being banned, so I decided to install the real FW from Sony and now the HD I installed doesn't work properly.

How will my game back ups work now?"

Soldierone2392d ago

@Zeeshan. Its pathetic if it was just a patch out of no where, but in this case Sony had to rush it out the door to stop all the noobs. Its more pathetic that people are hacking, cheating, and pirating and half of them are so dumb they actually paid to do it.

Mines working fine

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krouse932393d ago

Before you worry. There is no 16 MB flash PS3 model...

BiggCMan2393d ago

Thats what I was thinking also. Can someone explain what the author means when he says 16mb flash model? As far as I know there is only a 160gb slim model, and I think a 250gb unless that was temporary.

DJMarty2393d ago

Your wrong ther are 16Mb NAND Flash PS3 models.

older models have 256Mb NAND Flash(2x128Mb)

newer models use 16Mb NAND Flash and part of your hard drive.

ExplosionSauce2393d ago

So it's a bug that's been fixed before?
Alright then, let's hope so.

dantesparda2393d ago

"ther are 16Mb NAND Flash PS3 models.

older models have 256Mb NAND Flash(2x128Mb)

newer models use 16Mb NAND Flash and part of your hard drive."

That sucks!

Bastion2392d ago

I have no idea all I know is that there does exist 128MB of flash memory on my 60G ps3, I remember them changing the available flash memory on the slims, and 80G ps3s. I think that the new flash was in fact 16MB

fullmetal2972392d ago

YOU IDIOT!!! You're suppose to mystically wave your fingers and say "There is no 16 MB flash PS3 model...".

Darkfocus2392d ago

I love how someone can say something entirely wrong and get a bunch of agrees on N4G lol.

krouse932391d ago


What is the use of this memory? Because I know what RAM purposes, and I know what your hard drive space is used for but I don't know what NAND Flash is.

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gamingdroid2393d ago

Sony introduced the bug and it's somebody elses fault?

RememberThe3572393d ago

The bug wouldn't be there if the hackers weren't. It's cause and effect in a sense.

gamingdroid2393d ago

My point being that everybody is the looser in this case of Sony fighting hackers.

Consumers: Lost OtherOS, got multiple inconvenient non-new-feature updates that introduced a bug and now cheats are abound on PSN.

Sony: Loosing control over their platform. Hacking community is stronger than ever.

Hackers: Still able to do what they want and now enjoys greater support than ever.

Sony should have just left OtherOS alone (and the homebrew scene), left the hacking community alone and instead go after the pirates.

Everybody wins, but as it is nobody really wins. The root of it is Sony initiating all these!

Cause and effect.

Arksine2393d ago

Droid, the Pirates can't exist without the hackers. If you want to kill a snake, you have to cut off its head.

Lets be honest here, these hackers aren't innocent guys just "looking for the challenge." If they were, they would do what other white hats do...find the exploit, inform the developer (in this case Sony), and give them time to correct it. If Sony ignores it, then you make the exploit public.

Instead they immediately made the exploits public. They didn't do it for the challenge, the did it to pirate games and increase the size of their e-peens.

Sarobi2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )


what about the people who are using the jailbreak just to run homebrew and third party applications?, or custome psn comments, because there is people out there using the jailbreak for just that

DragonKnight2393d ago

@gamingdroid: you're kidding right? OtherOS was there for homebrew, it wasn't good enough for GeoHot and he just had to screw around some more. You think Sony was just going to sit on that? THEY GAVE HOMEBREW TO EVERYONE AND NO ONE USED IT!!

@Sarobi: Like who?

RBLAZE19882393d ago

@ gaming droid. You know as well as everyone else that even if sony left other os alone and never took it out the hackers would have still kept pushing and eventually hacked the ps3 leading to the same result. Other os is just an excuse and homebrew is the shield they hide behind. Anyone else who believes otherwise is naive. Every system in the passed decade has been hacked and the number one reason is to pirate games.

gamingdroid2393d ago

With any hardware hackers are expected.

The Wii is hacked and pirated to shreds. So is the Xbox 360, but I don't see neither of them punishing me for the acts of others.

If homebrew is just a shield, there wouldn't be any homebrew app. I know damn sure there are a lot of applications to come out of that community, such as XMBC.

blahblah2393d ago

yes, leave it to fanboys to defend sony.

if hackers are guilty for removing OtherOS, while in reality culprit is sony who removed it to lower costs on maintaining hypervisor drivers

why not blame this one too? keep at it when you're on the roll

blahblah2393d ago


you are kidding, aren't you? OtherOS was way too handicapped to run homebrew decently. people only hacked to get the missing ingredient, access to 3d

well, i bought all my games (121) and 3xps3 and plan to buy them after. but i want what i was promised and that is multimedia. audio/video player sucks major in ps3.

and my plan is as such, install first decent homebrew to get the rest of what i was promised, but if i get banned from PSN for that, then i stop buying games. there simply is no incentive for me to play fair when they are not.

i plan to stay with playstation for its lifetime (kinda like 30-40 games per year), but there is exactly 0% chance of them see me as returning customer for ps4. i'm already watching alternatives.

kewlkat0072393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"The bug wouldn't be there if the hackers weren't. It's cause and effect in a sense. "


OtherOs ran like a piece of sh!t...Sony was prematurely scared. The exploits they found today, would of never been so easy, just because of otherOS.

DragonKnight2393d ago

@gamingdroid: what?! you're saying that because hackers are expected Sony should just leave them be? yeah, i'm sure the shareholders would love that. threaten the investments they made, turn a blind eye to piracy. wonderful idea. /sarcasm

blahblah: you were promised OtherOS you got it until GeoHot ruined it for you. Sony never promised homebrew, they never said they would grant complete access to RSX because things like emulators are ILLEGAL and they know it. you were promised audio/video playback, and you got it. it's not Sony's fault you aren't satisfied. i personally have no issues with audio or video playback whatsoever. so where's the broken promises? just be honest, you feel entitled, like Sony owes you, and you're using this lame "broken promises" angle to justify what you want to do.

gamingdroid2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"@gamingdroid: what?! you're saying that because hackers are expected Sony should just leave them be? yeah, i'm sure the shareholders would love that."

Look, it's pretty simple really. Do you prosecute the knife or do you blame the murderer?

Shareholders would love it more if Sony could find a way to monetize whatever the hackers are doing.

"threaten the investments they made, turn a blind eye to piracy. wonderful idea. /sarcasm"

I never said to turn the blind eye to piracy. Sony should definitely prosecute those that pirate, ban those that cheat in online games and essentially go after those people.

But going after hackers will yield nothing, because there are ways to release this sort of information anonymously. In the meanwhile, the PS3 hacking community probably has grown the largest and healthiest I have ever seen it. Worse? They are getting more and more exposure as a result of Sony's litigation.

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fr0sty2393d ago

thanks to sony for making a console security system that was so easily hackable. that's who. if it wasn't GeoHot, it would have been someone else (remember Geo didn't act alone, many others were just as close and made progress that allowed Geo to do what he did).

this was inevitable. it was a flaw baked into the ps3 since day 1, waiting to be found. don't hate the ones who found it. hate the pirates that exploited it.

geodood2393d ago

"so easily hackable"

4 years without being hacked says you're wrong