Sony hopes to 'avoid repeating' PS3 production/financial challenges with PSP2

"With new technology, there's always challenges you didn't anticipate," says SCEA boss

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hay2733d ago

That would be fabulous.
Now solid starting lineup and we're golden.

booni32733d ago

I can totally get behind that. Hope it works out.

divideby02733d ago

CVG is such a trash site... they take one line put sensationalized headlines and make a story out of it.

dont waste your clicks on that site.. nothing impt

Baka-akaB2733d ago

It's nothing however , i'm even usually more amazed by their utter lack of knowledge about pc gaming , despite their namesake

SnakeMustDie2733d ago

They need to make 3G on NGP standard. It is only optional to subscribe for its data plans like if you don't want 3G connection because you want to save money, you can just cancel the 3G data plans and can just resume once you are able to pay for it.

divideby02733d ago

^ I hope not.. many like me have NO use for 3G and we ALL want to keep the cost down. Adding a feature like 3G, which many will NOT use is just not a good idea... have diff skus

a_bro2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

no, leave it optional. not many people would want to do 3g. besides, if you have a 3g phone with bluetooth, its possible then to tether the system with your phone and connect to the PSN with it.

3G+wifi and Wifi only will be best for everyone. leave it like this until its cheap enough to just go with only 3g+wifi on a future model of this system.

if sony wants to make the PSP2 sales competitive to the 3DS, that have to go with 2 skus.

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