id Will Not Release Rage Until It Is “Awesome”

It may sound like the familiar "it's Done When Its Done" but with an actual release date, we all can hope that Rage releases this year. However it will have to be Awesome before we all get the chance to play it.

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WhiteNoise2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Fu<k me. Rage screenshots still flaw me with how amazing they are.

No other game has art style like rage.


WhiteNoise2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

^man I'm f-ing tired, I meant to write 'floor me'

*puts gun to head*

Darkfiber2456d ago

Thought they already had a release date...does this imply a delay?

king052456d ago

Yea, its a subtle way to indicate a delay, at least to me.