TGS 07: Metal Gear Solid 4 Hands On with Gamespot

TOKYO You may have heard of Metal Gear Solid 4 by now. It's one of the PlayStation 3's most important exclusive titles in the race for next-gen dominance. It's creator/director Hideo Kojima's purported last outing with his seminal stealth series. And it's playable here at the Tokyo Game Show.

Gamespot were lucky enough to sit down with illustrious Kojima Productions producer Ryan Payton for an all-too-brief 90 minutes with the game, during which they found that many familiar mechanics have changed. But the heart of Metal Gear Solid is definitely still beating here.

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mighty_douche3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

played a 15 minute demo for an hour and half! and wished they could of played it all day! thats gotta be a good sign!

cant wait for the demo to be released, ill play properly the first time then next time round get an AK 47 and let all hell break loose, muhahahah!!


Close_Second3864d ago

...but wasn't rumble so last gen? And wasn't the new rumble supposed to be next-gen? Sounds like its good ole plain Dual Shock 2 rumble back in action...and about bloody time as well.

I have a deaf cousin and he relies a lot on rumble to become emersed in a game so he's mighty pleased its making a comeback.

Gunner_Ali3864d ago

game of the year
game of the decade
game of the century

HeartlesskizZ3864d ago

the heat of battle may be coming sooner then we know.

raziizar3864d ago

just dont let this game go to the other console

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