1up - Sony's NGP: Rumors vs. The Truth

We heard rumors about the PSP2 for ages. The NGP has been announced, so how does it compare?

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rezzah2826d ago

The front and rear cameras are pretty awesome. How ever I think itd be better to move the front camera a little further away from the buttons since people might smear the lense.

webeblazing2826d ago

num 1 reason i want is because of second anolog hate playing psp shooting games without it and seem to limit the games thats y i sold it and never brought a another 1. plus im broke so price it good sony even though i see you think about what you core gamers want in a system. o and if they make an option to be a phone i bet many phone companys would give customers a deal making it cheaper without hurting them in the process

LMS2826d ago


I love new gadgets

day one even if it's $400

now some ps4 news please

Jezuz2826d ago

WTF ! NO PS4! I just bought a PS3 and sony release PS4? Not everyone's so rich

Hozi892826d ago

WTH are you smoking? PS4? this is PSP-2. but yeah, I ain't that rich either.

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Masterchef20072826d ago

I only see one slot for cards which worrys me. Cause with my PSP i enjoyed shoving movies into my memory stick and watching them on the go. Plus i dont see any obvious way to remove the batter theres no hatch or anything. Is the trackpad on the NGP smooth or textured because of the symbols?

Everything else about the device is fantastic. The OS looks to be the best that i have seen on a handheld. Plus the visuals are mindblowing. I know that sony have learnt their lessons from the PSP and wont screw up with pricing (thk nintendo for pricing their 3DS at 250€ now the NGP wont seem so expensive)