TGS 07: 1UP Previews Final Fantasy XIII

Like its spin-off Final Fantasy XIII: Versus, the "true" Final Fantasy XIII seemingly exists more as a story and FMV than as a game at this point. In its defense, though, the FMV is pretty much completely jaw-dropping.

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ShiftyLookingCow3832d ago

I guess that confirms it is FMV. First time I saw Lighting screenshot, I thought it was real-time and I admit I was jealous as I didn't really think then that I would ever buy a PS3. Still from that preview, it has a story that is at least interesting and Square Enix has a good history with FF series.

FordGTGuy3832d ago

where your the bad guy trying to destroy the planet instead of being the good guy trying to save it the 13th time.

Cartesian3D3832d ago

that was funny..rofl.... but anyway if u want to choose your side u can play MGS4 .. in FF world u must be a Good guy ... and millions of people want it anyway even if it will 13th time..

becuz SE is a really trusted DEV and allways make a Good game. and sometimes make a HUGE SYSTEM SELLER , like FFvII ..

and they said FFXIII for PS3 will be sth like FFVII for PSone..

FordGTGuy3832d ago

the guys are usually pretty to lol.

[email protected]3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Bubbles to 2.1 LoL.

vaan3832d ago

Aside from ZELDA, Final Fantasy franchise is the greatest RPG franchise out there.

Young Capwn3832d ago

Is that a Bahamut? i never did understand how FF worked, are they all alternate dimensions? Yuna had to Kill all the summon monsters in FFX.

Tyrael3832d ago

So when exactly is the projected release date, this game looks amazing and I think its time I introduce myself to the Final Fantasy Series

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