Full Video of Sony Press Conference of PSP2

Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) Tokyo Press Conference (Next Generation Portable). Full video of press conference.

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meetajhu2854d ago

Sony and Playstation brand = FULL of WIN i love Sony!!!

BoNeSaW232854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Great move Sony!
Cross platform, cross device,hardware neutral games and licensing the playstation brand to mobile devices, Awesome! Just DO NOT let the Playstation Certified Brand turn into the Nintendo Seal of Quality, which is Complete Shit.

Not so Great Sony. The NGP. I can already feel the hand cramps from those smaller shoulder buttons. And why 2 Cameras and 2 touch pads? I think i'll wait until they remove a camera and touchpad to make it more affordable and cut production cost like they did with the PS3.