IGN - Dead Space: Extraction (PS3) Review

IGN: Dead Space Extraction is fun and the best reason so far to own the PlayStation Move. It packs an interesting story, tight controls and a ton to do for its nominal price. I wish it had a few more PS3 bells and whistles and didn't lose steam at times, but I enjoyed the ride.

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schlanz2703d ago

No Greg, RE5 Gold Edition is still the best reason to own the PS Move.

But Extraction is fun. 8/10 imo.

mrmikew20182703d ago

Quick question bro, is it true that Capcom fixed the issues that plague the original version of RE 5. For example, the framerate issues?

coolfool2703d ago

I played through the gold edition a short while back and I don't remember any frame rate issues. Which means one of two things, they either weren't bad enough to make them memorable or they weren't there.

schlanz2703d ago

Maybe, doubtful though. I played the vanilla version on Xbox, and I don't remember many framerate issues from that or the Gold Edition for PS3.

What I do remember was really enjoying the Move control. Moving around was a little clunky (no camera control really) but the shootan was vastly superior.

mrmikew20182703d ago

Thanks bro, I saw it on amazon for $35, I believe the gold edition has all the DLC included. I may pick it up this weekend.

2703d ago
AssassinHD2703d ago

So Dead Space Extraction on the Wii gets 8.5 across the board from IGN, but Dead Space Extraction HD on the PS3 gets 7.5 across the board except in Sound. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Granted the games were reviewed by two different people, but it is still the same company. There should be some kind of consistency.

thief2703d ago

Its old news now, but still funny, see for instance Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma reviews versus NG2 on the 360.

testerg352703d ago

Wouldn't you also consider the platform that its on? Say the gfx on the Wii is considered really good, but Dead Space on the PS3 is just ok compared to other games?

AssassinHD2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

A good reviewer will review a product on it's own merits, not the merits of other products. Reviewers should not compare products in a review.

Besides, if IGN really reviewed games in comparison to other products available on the platform, then they would not have rated Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 so highly. The 8-bit art style looks like crap compared to other available games.

testerg352703d ago

AssassinHD, I was commenting on the people above complaining about why the Wii version got an 8.5 and the PS3 version got a 7.5. The game could have looked great on the Wii, but on the PS3 it was just ok.

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