PS3 Price Cut Needed to Take Significant Share From Wii, says Pachter

We're getting to the point in the respective life-cycles of Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 where all three could certainly benefit from another price cut. It's likely we'll see one or more drop price during 2011, and if Sony wants to hold onto some of the PS3 momentum it's gained, it would be smart for Sony to lower price soon.

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donniebaseball2704d ago

Don't care much how it affects Wii, but a PS3 price cut would definitely be welcomed

UnSelf2704d ago

"obvious thing needs to happen to have obvious effect" says Patcher

longcat2704d ago

Impending piracy may delay this for a while. Being profitable is probably a bigger concern for them.

I think piracy is the reason we still have not seen a $130 psp. The console is the only real source of revenue outside japan.

MintBerryCrunch2704d ago

i could see it definitely happening at this years E3 while also revealing NGPs price/official release date and release games...

it would be very strong momentum carrying into the '11 holidays

lil Titan2704d ago

im getting tired from hearing from "Pachter"

pain777pas2704d ago

E3 will be the place for that announcement. $199 and they take over without a doubt. Too much value their.

Prcko2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

sony will cut the price,they still selling nice amount of ps3 systems so no need just yet!
it's still most expensive console on market,but it's selling 5-10% less than competitors,and if we compare prices of all those systems we can call that selling numbers Impressive!!!

Chris3992704d ago

Of course they will cut the price. It won't be 3-4 hundred dollars forever. PS3 has 5 more years and 3 price cuts left. There will be a reduction this year for sure.

nevin12704d ago

PS3 is the only system that never had a $199 console.

RememberThe3572704d ago

Sony has done a great job not doing what Patcher says. I think they should just keep doing things their way.

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The story is too old to be commented.