Sony wants NGP out in 'at least one territory' by end of holiday 2011

Sony has appended a "Holiday 2011" release date to its next-generation portable system (codename: NGP), but hasn't offered a timetable for individual regions. Will it be a worldwide launch?

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Dramscus2703d ago

Damn I guess I'm going to have to re buy a psp if I'll have to wait a year. Maybe a go.

Ryudo2703d ago

Are we really pretending it's going to be out anywhere else before Japan?

norman292703d ago

Sony wants NGP out in 'at least Japan' by end of holiday 2011, everywhere else 6 months later. *corrected* sad but true :(

HolyOrangeCows2703d ago

Darn. It'll probably end up being 2011 Japan, early 2012 NA, mid 2012 EU.

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outwar60102703d ago

lol screw you guys uts def gonna be europe .....ohh wait *just remember what happened for the ps3 launch and psp* we'll get it later and pay a third to half more than anywhere else and pay that for the privilege getting it later

Iamback2703d ago

never going to happen bro. When do we get anything first? NEVER

Optical_Matrix2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

3DS and Pokemon Black/White for a start. (Before NA at least)

nix2703d ago

that would be Japan.

Catharsis2703d ago

Without a shadow of a doubt.

Optical_Matrix2703d ago

I'm dead excited for this thing, but I hope Sony can bring it to all 3 major territories by the end of holiday 2011. 3DS is set to sell big, and I don't think leaving the NGP launch so far after the 3DS launch is wise. Giving Nintendo nearly 10 months to just eat away at free marketshare.

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The story is too old to be commented.