Evil Controllers Announces February As Girl Gaming Month

Platform Nation have an important announcement for the lady gamers out there! Evil Controllers has announced that February will be Girl Gaming Month and it will be a month full of celebration for the girl gamers out there that sometimes go unnoticed and under appreciated.

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Warprincess1162728d ago

omg that controller is so cute. I wish they made a ps3 controller like that.

DFresh2727d ago

I think you can buy PS3 controllers in Lilac/Pink.

ally123452727d ago

No thanks. We don't need a month dedicated to us. Especially one from a site as patronizing as "hur hur! here's some pink stuff COS YOU'RE GIRLS! HAHAHA!" complete with pictures of pretty girls playing games on top of each other and on top of a fat, ugly man.

Warprincess1162727d ago

I guess you right but you have to admit. Those controllers are nice.

kaseylyn2722d ago

I think people like you are never satisfied. If they got ugly models, you'd complain that theyre stereotyping girl gamers as being ugly. If they have hot ones, you complain about them being too pretty, and complain about an ugly guy.

ally123452722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Hooray! Assumptions!

Keep on truckin' you crazy mofo.

Lamarthedancer2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

You whats funny about this, a few days ago I was just reading an article on Kotaku about a Girl Gamer who was moaning about lack of repect online, why there not taking seriously as gamers and why is everything sterotypical and aimed towards males.


and yet they bring these out ¬¬

If your a gamer....your a gamer