TGS 07: 1UP's Lost Odyssey Preview

With Japan's Dec. 6 release date just announced, Lost Odyssey is set to come to the U.S. sometime in February. And as 1UP saw today at Tokyo Game Show 2007, the English voice-overs in cut-scenes are finished, complete with manually synced mouth movements. The actors sound convincing, with individually distinguishable personalities, and 1UP's main immortal hero Kain stays broodingly quiet (only rarely uttering short whispered phrases). Throughout your playtime, you encounter moments where you can view "thousand year dreams," in which you see flashbacks to moments of Kain's recovered memories. You can skip the cut-scenes and the dreams but the developers feel Lost Odyssey is best characterized as an interactive drama, so the cut-scenes obviously play a large role in that.

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Darkiewonder3713d ago

So no world-wide release? ahhhh boooo to you.

I'll get the game still. Long wait though.