Podcast Beyond: PSP2, NGP and You

IGN: It's a historic day, ladies and gentlemen. First and foremost, we've decided on a new nickname for the Editor Formerly Known as the Guides Guru Colin Moriarty. Secondly, the PSP2 is real! OMG! Yes, we're extremely tired from being up all night and covering the reveal of the next Sony handheld -- codenamed NGP -- but we're here to boil down all the important info and slam it into your ears. Ready?

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silkrevolver2851d ago

...I don’t care about COD, but having it on a portable with constant internet access is huge for the millions of COD addicts.

deadreckoning6662851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

So...u think millions of people are willing to pay possibly $400 for a 3G PSP2 AND a monthly fee for 3G(on top of the yearly $60 fee that 360 gamers have to pay for XBL) just to play COD on the go?

Mainstream gamers are relatively stupid...but not that stupid.

@Eidolon- Just like silkrevolver pulled the idea that millions of COD addicts would buy a PSP2 just to play COD out of his ass. If he can make assumptions...why can't I?

He said "constant' Internet access, I assume he's referring to 3G, which gives you constant Internet access almost everywhere. 3G involves a monthly fee.

And as far as the 3G PSP being $400. Okay...lets put the argument in your favor. Lets say the 3G PSP2 will be $300.

Do you think "millions" of COD fans will purchase a seperate portable device and a monthly 3G fee to play a game they already have at home on the big screen? Please, I'd like to know ur answer.

@silkrevolver- An honest logical reply minus the hatred. Very good, very good indeed.

silkrevolver2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Wow... so much of that is unconfirmed...

Edit: There are some 3G services that don’t have monthly fees (like the Kindle (which they talk about in the podcast) though that would use far less data than a game system.) And I said that’s huge, not that they will buy it. Imagine your favorite console game of all time. Now imagine that you can play it wherever you want with whoever you want in essentially the same form. Yeah, that’s pretty huge for people who care.

Eidolon2851d ago

Maybe, but mostly you're pulling that out of your ass.

Joni-Ice2850d ago

At deadreckoning66 Are you speaking from a Xbox comsumer standpoint? Because If the price was $400 and having to pay for 3G service for a PS3 consumer would be a no problem. At the end of day you decide what to do with your money.

R_aVe_N2851d ago


I love this podcast 8)

ThanatosDMC2851d ago

I'd rather have MAG than a COD game on PSP2.

DA_SHREDDER2851d ago

MAG was cool. I wish Sony would get Zipper to make a Battlefront game on the NGP. I know its never gonna happen :(

ThanatosDMC2850d ago

There's also Starhawk to hopefully satisfy our want for big war type games with lots of enemies to kill on screen and huge maps.

I'd like Starhawk on PSP2/NGP as long as nothing is lost from porting it from the PS3 version to the NGP.