Nintendo not planning a 3DS Lite

"Whereas the DS's ugly-duckling launch model was replaced by the sleek DS Lite a year after birth, Nintendo insists it has no immediate plans to follow a similar route with its impending successor."

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schlanz2547d ago

Maybe no Lite version, how about an XL? Either way, we're sure to see a redesign or two. But I'm not going to wait 2 years to find out.

darkdoom30002547d ago

ahahahah. There is gonna be a second revision. Everything is doing it these days.

Iphone, PSP, DS, PS3, 360.

It might not be called 3DS Lite, but its gonna happen.

firelogic2547d ago

And you should believe them because...? Of course they're not going to say, "Yes, we plan on releasing an improved version 6-12 months after the 3DS launches."

They'd be killing their launch!

CDbiggen2547d ago

They are so full of shit.

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