Assassin's Creed TGS07 Gameplay

Assassin's Creed Gameplay from TGS07 capture on cam

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pandabear3742d ago

Graphics looks good but controls and camera look a bit suspect, still want to buy this but think need to see some more or get a hands on demo 1st.

HeartlesskizZ3742d ago

I think the will realease a Demo for it soon

nekon3742d ago

What size screen do you think that is?

sjappie3742d ago

17-19 inch, I guess. Why?

nekon3742d ago

Opening a cyber cafe :)

shysun3742d ago

It's gone down hill since they whored it out to PC and 360. :(

socomnick3741d ago

it will probably look better and run better on pc and xbox 360 too.

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