Slam Bolt Scrappers Interview – PSN 2011 Preview

We’re a bit jealous of Eitan Glinert, mainly because he can have a cool job title like “Fire Chief”, but also because his studio’s game, Slam Bolt Scrappers, looks absolutely smashing. Trying to describe the game is easier said than done, with the title not only transcending genres, but turning them on their head. Sporting four player local co-op, the game challenges players to build their towers while destroying the enemy’s, with a host of powerups – one which is exclusively revealed below – and interactive environments making the game truly crazy. Published by Sony Online Entertainment, the PSN exclusive game is only a few weeks away.

To learn about the one handed “beverage mode”, exclusive character and powerup reveals and the evolutionary development of the game, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Eitan Glinert, Fire Chief at Fire Hose Games.

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Sev2879d ago

This game looks hilarious and fun. My kind of PSN game.

doctorstrange2879d ago

Completely mad design, which I love

T3mpr1x2879d ago

Follows the PSN mantra of unique games!

dragon822879d ago

I love unique games. Flower is still my favorite PSN game.

Taggart4512879d ago

I've seen some video of this before and it looks unbelievably cool. Very informative!

doctorstrange2879d ago

That they spent a year on other game ideas - talk about refinement and perfection

NJShadow2879d ago

Whoah, talk about in-depth! =P

doctorstrange2879d ago

Yeah, I kinda lost track of time during the interview, it went on a bit

user94220772879d ago

Been following this since E3. Pumped.

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