Andrew House talks Sony NGP price, 3G version, more

"It's a couple of hours after today's momentous PlayStation Meeting, the Tokyo event at which Sony unveiled its lavishly-specced successor to PSP, codenamed Next Generation Portable, or NGP.

A cab ride has taken me from the briefing to the imposing, minimalist Tokyo HQ of the entire Sony Corporation. I'm here to interview Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, about what I've just seen and heard."

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Stealth20k2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

What he said that I like
- The 3ds is the competition, and not ios
- They really didnt want to make this a phone
- physical medium = win
- trying to limit ports

What he said I didnt like
- He said that this is a gaming handheld first and formost but why the gps? seems out of place

saint_john_paul_ii2702d ago

GPS was on the PSP1. it was sold as an accessory. a bunch of games took advantage of it, like MGS: portable ops to recruit more soldiers. now that its standard, expect to see some unique implementations with this ability.

MagicAccent2702d ago

Good summary.

Looks like they've really been paying attention to the criticisms of the first one and it seems to be a really well thought out machine, and it might actually come out on top over the 3DS, which is was very skeptical to at first.

Well done Sony!

PshycoNinja2702d ago

What happens at different prices:

$300 - They will slauter the Portable gaming market and may overtake Nintendo as the best selling portable device this generation

$400 - They are pushing it but it's a reasonable price seeing how much the device has in it. Will have to have a great launch line up to sell a lot of them this holiday.

>$400 - It will be really hard for consumers to justify buying a portable device that is over $400. Thats more than a PS3 by over $100. It most likely will have a poor launch.

Pricing is everything at this point. Sony has the great software and hardware. The final piece for this to be a monstorous success is for the price to be right.

My guess is Sony will price it between $350-400. Maybe $350 for Wi-fi only and $400 for Wifi and 3G.

despair2702d ago

I'm thinking $300 maximum for the standard model and maybe $350 maximum for 3G model, sony will take a loss on each one like the ps3 did for a long time, but they must have learned that people do not like crazy prices like the $600 PS3 launch cost, no matter how much it is justified.

$250 would be perfectly priced to compete against the 3DS.

PshycoNinja2702d ago

To be honest.

It's just unrealistic to think this device will be anywhere under $300. It's just packing way too much tech to sell it for that low.

nevin12702d ago

The Playstation Suite sounds good on paper but how do u get that type of audience to buy a PSP2? PSP2 as it stands is not a phone aswell despite its 3G feature. The Iphone/Ipad are.


''I think we'll have a good, solid battery life because of two factors. It's influenced our choice of flash media, versus incorporating a disc drive; and number two, the screen is large and gorgeous – it's also OLED, which is fantastically good for low power consumption as well. So there's two, I think strong, features there that bode well for battery life.''

Pure awesomeness.

SnukaTheMan2702d ago

While I feel that the psp is far better then the 3ds....if they are priced over 500$....I for one will not be purchasing one...I will also not purchase the 3ds.....

Kalowest2702d ago

"Andrew House: Clearly in the dedicated portable space, we will be in competition with 3DS."
Hes a real cool dude, nice PR guy Sony.

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