Soul Calibur IV: TGS 07 Trailer

The new Soul Calibur IV trailer shows how great sword-fighting action is.

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Duke Nukem3711d ago

Graphics look much better then i was specting.

BloodySinner3711d ago

Watch out, because they're going to look even more better once the final product is finished! NIGHTMARE... FOR THE WIN!

Young Capwn3711d ago

Taki is teh sex, not Ivy <33 mmmm

Karebear3711d ago


Its so retro... and sci fi cheesey.

Tyrael3711d ago

Christ on a cracker this game looks sweeeeeeet

Chriswsm3711d ago

Ivy has the best arse in video game history.

I have never missed a game in the Soul calibre line. Starting with Soul Edge on PS1.

Superb series