Things you should know or care about the Sony NGP based from the presentation

Rather than listing down a tech sheet of Sony's new handheld, here are 8 things you should probably be aware of the NGP.

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As a Enthusiast for gaming, this is a must have.

VenomProject2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I'm not buying it on launch.

Three months after release we'll start hearing about Sony's "new" NGP. The NGP version 2.0 beta (hardcore mode optional) with built-in flux capacitor for time-travel.


You're not getting any, nice try.

BryanBegins2704d ago

I know, time-travel is a no-brainer for the second version. Surprised it's not included in the first actually!

lil Titan2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

i dont think that the touch pad on the back is a gimmick, it stands out just by it being announced with two analog sticks! And maybe the touch pad can be used for R2 and L2 when tapped. hoping for PS2 ports and all i should care about is
1. do the analog sticks click in?
2. does Metal Gear Solid 4 on NGP have trophies
3. when is the next God of War game coming out for this system(if it look crazy good on the PSP imagine with this new system)

Studio-YaMi2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


This Japanese site caught all of the presentation I think,and there is a picture of Philip Earl from activision taking the stage

lil Titan2704d ago

would be more excited if i saw someone from DICE on stage than this guy, just being honest

Studio-YaMi2704d ago

I know,am not really into call of duty,but you do know this franchise has become such a system seller that it is great to hear it will be coming to the PSP2.

HappyGaming2704d ago

Hopefully a new GTA too...
GTA was fun on PSP since its a game a lot of people like and friends can pick up and play it easily.

SoapShoes2704d ago

San Andreas Stories! :D

Ace_Man_62704d ago

Now we wait for Microshit's version…

HappyGaming2704d ago

It will feature never before seen trackpad behind the screen....
and eerhm never before seen cameras on a console.....
and MILO IS BACK he can now do you homework and perform brain surgery.

nevin12704d ago

It will be called PSP2. NGP sounds dumb long term.