E4G: Mass Effect 2 Review (PS3)

Throughout the history of video games, there have been key franchises that not only change the way video games are made, but set the standard for what makes a great game. Mario, Zelda, Resident Evil, Half-life, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy; all of these franchises had there own impact to the industry in there own way. Now, in the current generation, another franchise has stepped up to show everyone what makes a great game with Mass Effect 2.

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Newtype2700d ago

i love this game, literally.

thedarkestfaction2700d ago

Played on both platforms and they look identical except for the PS3's blinding white colors and the absence of frame tearing. Its a great deal with the added content.

Tex1172700d ago

Bioware does do epic pretty well.

I dislike the speaking protagonist though...

Gameplay is great...story is great...Combat is great...

Baba19062699d ago

I love it. =D it so much fun. i dont want it to end, and thats a good sign. =D