PlayStation Phone Turns Up on Ebay, Buy it Now for $2500

The recent downpour of NGP news has overshadowed Sony’s other handheld device – the PlayStation Phone. Sony has been mum on the smartphone with PlayStation controls, even despite last night’s announcement of the PlayStation Suite and PlayStation Certified Android devices. But even without any real information or an official unveiling, you can still get your hands on one.

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Sev2698d ago

If I had a spare $2500, I'd buy this bitch up right now.

Anyone wanna loan me the money? I'll pay back with interest!

drewboy7042698d ago

If I had 2500 I would get an insane gaming computer and conquer any graphical games with a 6 core processor and 16 GB of RAM, to bad just like most of America, I don't :(

mantisimo2698d ago

Doesn't matter guys I just bought it ;)

Just joking we're as badly off here in the uk as well.

zootang2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )


Rooney would look at that and think well it's only 1% of my weekly wage

zez2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Being constricted to multiplat games only? *Shudders*

@silvacrest, everyone. I wasn't talking about the PSphone
I meant @ spending $2500 on a 6 core processor, 16gb of ram etc.

Danteh2698d ago

Honestly this thing looks like another Nokia N-Gage (remember? lol)
I think Sony should focus on the PS3 and the NGP cause this monstruosity is gonna flop HARD against the iPhone 5 :P

silvacrest2698d ago

no one noes what the playstation suite will offer yet

gamingdroid2698d ago

I think you got it backwards, I think this one will succeed while the PSP2 while fail.

Convergence of devices has already happened and a pure portable device has limited appeal unless you target a group that doesn't have access to smart phones i.e. what Nintendo is doing.

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Zydake2698d ago

I'd actually donate the money to Sev for he can give us proper info on it

doctorstrange2698d ago

Its got free shipping, otherwise it would have been crazy expensive

Trexman892698d ago

Not to mention handling fees.

NJShadow2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I'd call it an investment. Buy... sell for double before release... use money made to purchase NGP (PSP2). =D

T3mpr1x2698d ago

Yikes, I just put that down on a car...No thanks!

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The story is too old to be commented.