Dragon Age 2 Official Strategy Guide Collector's Edition detailed

A recent listing update by GameStop revealed the cover in addition to some details regarding the collector’s edition of the official strategy guide for Dragon Age 2.

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Kon2826d ago

DA1 Strategy guide was horribly written.

WhiteNoise2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

So was the DA story which was a rip off of the Witcher



People need to know how to complete all that cut content...


No it isn't.

The 'potential warrior' undertakes tests to become official, during which there is a ceremony where they drink monsters blood in order to gain special powers to sense and combat them...many people due undertaking the training, sounds like DA doesn't it?

That is the backstory of the witchers....the Grey wardens are a 100% rip off. Just poorly executed.

Kon2826d ago

Not really. DA is very different.

Simon_Brezhnev2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

WhiteNoise is right and it is a fact. Got a strange feeling DA2 gameplay will be a lot similar to The Witcher. Shale was the only person i liked in DA she was funny as hell. I wish she was in DA2.

mobijoker2826d ago

In that way,Witcher is the rip off of Eric series of books as even the protagonist shares same title-'White Wolf'.DAO was completely different.Witcher was by no means bad but the spell system with five signs is pretty poor.DAO aced at spell systems as spell combos works like charm.The world was pretty small compared to DA0 as witcher basically consisted of Swamp and different parts of Vizima.Denerim of DAO and the dwarven city
was just huge.But witcher got fluid swordplay and better potion making as DAO combat was slow and potion making was lacklustre.
I am eager to see how the second iterations of the games fare with each other.

PandaJenkins2826d ago

@Whitenoise, DA had all of its ideas based of other fantasy stories. It meshed them together bloody well to make one hell of a fantasy narrative. That being said, The Witcher has its own fantastic story in its own right. Can't wait for the sequel of both.

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Darkfiber2826d ago

Collector's edition of a STRATEGY GUIDE? Are they serious?

John Kratos2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Yeah, Gamestop tried to sell me the 40 dollar Dead Space 2 strategy guide when I picked up my pre-order the other day. EA is ridiculous.