It's a Fight: Sony NGP vs. Nintendo 3DS

GameDynamo - "In an ideal world, you'd just own both devices and be able to take advantage of what each has to offer. But, if you can't have both, a good analysis of their features and software might help you decide."

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Killzone3Helghast2882d ago

Good thing Microsoft didn't invest money into a portable gaming product. Keep on with the Kinfail

Dragun6192882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I think Microsoft probably saw there's to much competition in the Portable market.

Apple's iPad & iPhone, Sony's NGP, Nintendo's 3GS and not to mention a ton of smartphones & tablets. The Portable Market is just exploding. Looking forward to seeing the 3DS and NGP in action.

Killzone3Helghast2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Actually they did with their Windows 7 phone which failed pretty bad. Microsoft got the money, just aint got the marketing brains. You want marketing? Go to Nintendo lol

edit: and this is why Sony is great.. cause they fit in the middle, best of both worlds really :p they have KB and some money!

ajlopo2882d ago

Win phone 7 didn't fail check out all the reviews stating it's better than iOS and Android and over 2 million sold. Anyway why are you trolling in a 3DS vs PSP2 article? keep kissing Sony's behind.

On topic, the 3DS is going to kill it in sales, however I would like to see how the PSP2 tech looks in my own hands. it's intriguing.

BattleAxe2882d ago

Well if MS can't get GFWL to do anything, even though the PC is their specialty, i doubt they could do anything with a handheld gaming device.

Zydake2882d ago

To tell you the truth Sony actually has a chance win over the casual gamers with the NGP due to the motion sensing and we know that the hardcore crowd is pleased. So I believe this is an even fight. Fight to the end ! or at least until another Kevin Butler ad proving PS's dominance

KillingAllFanboys2881d ago

3ds can motion sense to 0_0 so what your point?

pain777pas2882d ago

Microsoft made the right move for their company. I see the Playstation suite coming to W7 and don't be suprised if it does and M$ allows it. This is business people. M$ makes software and they should aim to be the OS of choice for mobile phones. It is hard but that is their best option and opportunity. Zune could have been the NGP they just did not want to cater to a specific audience. Sony is catering to ME. Honestly Nintendo is too. I am happy with both companies offerings. Now time to save for both.

siliticx2882d ago

You have to be avery seriously sick troll to not realize how awesome this device is.

Orionsangel2882d ago

All I keep thinking is I wanna play those games on a BIG screen. haha!

siliticx2877d ago

And i say why not? The dream is to have a portable PS3 anyway. Ask Kojima

Max Power2882d ago

I heard "Nintendo Got Pwned" some time today, I thought that was pretty clever.

Zydake2882d ago

i always forget its called NGP but when I read nintendo got pwned it made me remember it better :D

TheFact0032882d ago

Just NO. It's more like Nintendo Got Pwned!

ozstar2882d ago

Not gonna pay, for it.

or, Nintendo get paid. As in a pricing advantage yet again, despite Sony repeating the same mistake twice.

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Brewski0072882d ago

It was only a matter of time till an article like this popped up.

Stealth20k2882d ago

I remember when the psp was announced after the ds was and I am hearing alot of the same chest pounding stuff..............but look how that turned out

I am buying both

TBONEJF2882d ago

I'd have to say after seeing the NGP SONY WILL BEAT or do I say play match up with the 3DS now it have Android built in it.

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