TGS 2007: Lost Odyssey Finds Multiple Discs

In a behind closed doors meeting at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed that his upcoming epic will truly fit that descriptor. Hot on the heels of the three DVD long Blue Dragon, Sakaguchi informed the crowd that Lost Odyssey will span a massive four DVDs. The game, which uses a mixture of CG and real-time cutscenes, will last roughly 40 to 50 hours.

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FordGTGuy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

CG cut scenes in it most likely but just like FF7 I wouldn't have a problem swapping discs.

Just skimmed through the 1UP preview summary and it seems that the main character has alot of dreams, that are CG scenes, during the game that are long so theres your answer.

nasim3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

what a shame???

x360 owners are being forced to buy a game with multiple discs.

FF13/WKS which are way more detailed than LOmight take up 10 DVDS


HS ,LAIR and UNCHARTED are graphically way more impressive than any x360 game

tehcellownu3868d ago

4 disk or more!! thats hella a lot of gen is here everyone..

BLaZiN PRopHeT3868d ago

@1.1 and 1.2

you know what funny each of those dvds has more on it than Hs,Lair and uncharted.

barom3868d ago

know what's funnier? that those four discs could have fitted on ONE blu ray

skillednutter3868d ago

...What I felt when I opened up Blue Dragon and saw 3 DVD's Call me Old Fashioned but I would prefer muiltiple disc's when it comes to RPG's or Action/Adventure Games

But if they start doing this with Racing Titles then I will be unhappy.

JasonXE3868d ago

doubt it considering a lot of data has to be stored more than once on blue ray disc. Wonder why H.S has 10 GB Audio?

i Shank u3867d ago

i had many games on ps1 that were multi disk, games on dreamcast that were, games on PS2 that were, it happens every gen dangit

DrPirate3867d ago

You're right, you didn't mind doing it back then. It just PROVES this is last-gen.

No one likes swapping discs, it was an inconvenience then, and it's an inconvenience now.

And then there's this crap: Calling Sony fans lazy. Note to Xbox Fans! Getting up to swap a disc is NOT exercise, it's called: being bothered to get up for 30 seconds, and switch cd's.

SlappyMcTaint3867d ago

Just because i used to turn a little red dial and press a button on the side of my controller doesn't mean i still want to do it this gen. (That's an Atari 2600 reference for t3h n00bs here)

LOL. The justification for why DVD is FTW just kills me! You guys will defend anything M$ does. How many steamy dumps does M$ have to take on your heads 'til you finally realize where the stench is coming from?

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zantetsuken3868d ago

Blue Dragon had 3 discs and there wasn't that many cutscenes. I'm sorry, but 4 discs for a title this generation is ridiculous. When is it too many discs? 5? 10? 20?

FordGTGuy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

The only games to go multiple discs on the Xbox 360 are from the eastern developers because they like to use CG clips while the western developers have a different approach meaning games like Oblivion that have 200+ hours of gameplay while staying on one disc.


The cost of dvds and writing the game on the dvds is piratically pennies compared to the cost of development.

sticky doja3868d ago

I have no problems changing discs, especially with RPG's. Its not like your gonna have to change the disc every hour, more like every 10-12 hours of strait gaming.

THUNDERMARE3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

People will have no objection on swapping DVD, thats for sure. However, this mean that manufacturing cost will go up significantly (not the cost of DVD, but cost of writing data onto the DVD) and this is in 2nd years of xbox360 life time, what will happen 3 years from now?

Edit... I'm not even talking about cost of the DVD itself, we are talking about "time" itself to produce a 4 DVD game here, and it will cost more inevitably. Anyway my point is 2 years into 360 life span here and we already see 4 DVD game, how about another 3 years?

tehcellownu3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

good luck taking car of the disks...if u lose one you cant play $hit..when it gets to 6 disks xbots will still say its no

JasonXE3868d ago

considering Mass effect is on one disc. The only games that used Multiple disc on the xbox 360 are mistwalker games (blue dragon & Lost odyessy). I will agree that dvd is within it's limits but you won't see multiple disc coming out periodically 2-3 years from now.

Scrooge3867d ago

Who the hell cares? Swapping disks is better than coughing up 200 bucks just for a blu-ray feature. That's right, the sony camp is paying a lot of money just to keep games on one disk? Is it worth it, I mean, if you're not insane is it worth it? No. To answer #2 question, I think 5 disks would be too much, I can deal with four. And Jason has a point, Mass effect is on one disk and the game is HUGE.

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the worst3868d ago

ps3 next gen 1 disc
360 last gen 3+ disc
ps3 rules

NextGen24Gamer3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

But I find myself being more excited about this title than I am the Final Fantasy titles coming for my ps3. Maybe because I have seen more of Lost Odyssey. But it looks Epic and Fantastic....Those in game screen shots look spectacular...and I downloaded the 10 minute video demo/walkthrough at TGS on my xbox 360....the battle system looks incredibly fun. I can't wait for this game. WOW.

LeonSKennedy4Life3868d ago

As good as this looks...White Night Story owns it right now.

SuperSaiyan43868d ago

Blue Dragon on disc 1 had quite a few CGI cutscenes but I love it however I must have had around 14hrs of gameplay out of the first disc! Am on disc 3 and i think its a 1 layer dvd as the drive is much queiter.

4 discs for Lost Odessy? Meh doesnt bother me because the 360 has all the top quality games.