Analysis Of The Next Generation Portable Teaser Trailer

HBG: The recently released teaser trailer for Sony’s Next Generation Portable has very little to do with actual video games, and for that matter, very little to do with actual functionality. In an effort to help explain some of the more confusing aspect of the video, I put together this short analysis that should shed some light on the upcoming handheld.

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CrzyFooL2699d ago

What in the world . . .

Kreyg2699d ago

That was bar far the best trailer analysis ever, but yeah - WTF did that trailer have to do with the NGP/PSP2? NOTHING!

Good Job Sony.


blind-reaper2699d ago

I think they are emphazing the touchscreen and network characteristics of the new psp.

xDSJxPyro2699d ago

Big balls? Small balls? Basketballs? With the Next Generation Portable, you’ll never have a shortage of any variety!

All I have to say.

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