Microsoft Profit Tops Estimates on Corporate Demand, Sales of Xbox Kinect

Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, said second-quarter profit topped analysts’ predictions as corporate customers bought more Office and server programs and consumers purchased Xbox Kinect motion sensors.

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plenty a tool2704d ago

lol this is going to upset some people..

just wait for darkride66's conflicting analysis... he always seems to know more than microsoft themselves

Chaos692704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Insert -PS3 exclusives here-

plenty a tool2704d ago

lol so true. thtas incoming

rhood0222704d ago

"Microsoft Profit Edges down on slow PC Sales"

Anon19742704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@ plenty a tool. Conflicting analysis? Since when?

Microsoft had an excellent quarter! The smashed through their previous 360 sales record, the holiday season capped off the best calendar year that the 360 has ever had. Sales are up, revenue was up, and Kinect is a monster hit despite some critical reception.

When have I ever posted conflicting analysis? In the past when revenue was falling, year over year sales were declining quarter after quarter after quarter, Microsoft saying themselves that 3rd party development was down, software revenue was down quarter after quarter - yeah...guess what? Despite Microsoft's upbeat PR, as far as the gaming side went yeah...I had something to say about what was revealed in their financials.

Now there's nothing to complain about. This quarter Microsoft hit it out of the park and Kinect is an unbridled success. There's nothing bad to say. I resent the implication that I post "conflicting analysis" just for the sake of pissing people off. Obviously, it pissed you off but all that proves is you either didn't understand my analysis, you didn't read my analysis or you didn't bother to verify that the things I wrote about in the past were 100% accurate.

Microsoft has turned things around - which is great for them and good for gamers. They handily beat analysts expectations and smashed through their own goals set for Kinect. I'm actually currently working on an article about the 360's turnaround after a tough couple of years.

Kon2704d ago

Haha i find this fat guy face so funny xD

gypsygib2704d ago

Good for MS but what about me. Please use some of that profit to make me some AAA exclusives.

Chaos692704d ago

buy those AAA games and they'll make them! Bayonetta, Alan Wake... thoses game sold poorly.

gypsygib2704d ago

I bought Bayonetta, and Alan Wake - they're not AAA. AAA means the games compete or exceed the best 3rd party AAA.

I'd call Bayonetta and AW single A games or BBB. They're not GOTY contenders IMO.

gamer20102704d ago

Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 were the two best games I played last year.

QuantumWake2704d ago

I thought "AAA" meant that the game has a big/unlimited budget? Seriously, what is the true definition of an "AAA" video game? People seem to have totally different meanings every time. :?

ChristianGamer2704d ago

:) this is pleasing. Glad they are making money, after all that kinect hate all year last year.
Also I'd like to inform everybody that I am reformed. Honest. Troll days are over.

offdawall2704d ago Show
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