Raptr giving away a year's supply of Twinkies

From Raptr has announced its Mission Against Terror: End of the World Giveaway with a grand prize that includes a year's supply of Twinkies.

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Monkeyboy2553d ago

How many Twinkies can you eat in a year?

LunaticBrandon2552d ago

Two a day. Three if you want to get fat. Four if you want diabetes. Five if you want to die. Six if you want to die and not care you're dieing.

Tommykrem2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

For your own good do not win!

Wenis2553d ago

Lol no kidding... the prize might as well come with a free diabeetus kit from Liberty Medical

moogle842553d ago

I'd say 1 a day is enough Twinkies for me. Unless you're that cowboy dude from Zombieland.

kamehamehaftw2553d ago

2 a day is perfectly fine as long as you don't eat anything else with fat in it :P

Blaze9292553d ago

honestly, I hate Twinkies. They disgust me. I don't see the big deal behind this snack.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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