Aimless Podcasts Episode 140- Gamestop Vs. The World

Aimless Podcasts discusses Gamestop's future in the gaming industry and how it stacks up against its competitors. This week's gaming headlines are also discussed. Games featured in this week's "Whatcha Been Playin" segment are Dead Space 2, Dead Space Extration for the PS3, DC Universe Online and Ghost Trick.

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cochise3132705d ago

I almost never buy from Gamestop; they're crooks. I miss the days we had Funcoland, babagges, and Software etc.

RPGmaniac052705d ago

lol quite a few people share that sentiment. I've never heard of Funcoland and the like though. Personally Gamestop works for me because convenience so I'm stuck with them until I find an alternative, although apparently Amazon has some Prime promotion for students so that might work.