Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Dead Space 2 Analysis

Lens of Truth writes"Welcome back for another highly anticipated Head2Head! This week we put the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dead Space 2 together to see which version stomps on the competition. We've also introduced a new feature into our Head2Head's called the "Lens", now if you scroll over any of the images in our article you can see through our Lens for close up inspection. So come join us as we explore the depths of space to see which version of Dead Space 2 comes out alive!

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RudeSole Devil2728d ago

This game is fuc#$ing sick, starting playing it last night and i can't put it down.

Sea_Man2728d ago

Heck yeah. I got it for the PS3 and LOVEEEE it!!!

pangitkqb2728d ago

I was really impressed by Dead Space 2's visuals. The improvement from the demo to the actual release was also noticeably impressive.

joydestroy2728d ago

i'm constantly stunned when i play with how much they improved visuals/mechanics.

Visceral are great devs. looking forward to Dead Space 3!


Congrats EA and especially Viseral games for showing some class and respect for PS3 gamers! I just Hope The Jokers at Treyark Were Half as talented as you guys! I will be gettin this game today because the used copy of Crap ops is trash compared to dead space 2...

awiseman2728d ago Show
donkeydoo2728d ago

I can't believe how close they look.

plb2728d ago

Nice to see a dev team that can do multiplats correctly.

2728d ago
Sarcasm2728d ago

From EA no less.

However, I'm curious on the PC version if they made any effort to put anything special in it.

Oh well, this IS how multi-plats should be handled. Great across both platforms so no fanboy bickering.

Tempjf2728d ago

Finally! I've been waiting to see an analysis! Great game and Visceral Games and EA games did a hell of a job with this one!!

Joe Bomb2728d ago

Visceral, Criterion, these two devs rock. Perfect ports between both consoles.

donkeydoo2728d ago

yea ea rocks and crysis 2 will too

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The story is too old to be commented.