PSP 2: More Powerful Then The 360?

With the announcement of the PSP 2 or NPG, every one is screaming about the systems specs, after reviewing the power behind Sony’s new portable device ourselves, we noticed some interesting new details. Though, a few of the specs are unknown The GPU & CPU have revealed some potential that could reveal many of today’s consoles.

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Prcko2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

i don't care,this device is so stunning that i don't care about price ,1st device what i want no matter what,instant day 1 buy!!!!
imo i think it's not powerful as any big console yet...

Cratos87802393d ago ShowReplies(13)
Serjikal_Strike2393d ago

More powerful= no
More better= yes

darthv722393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"more better"...funny. As far as a portable goes then yes it is more powerful. The development for it will yield high quality results due to the size and specs of the unit.

This platform is designed with minimalistic views so that would mean so much extra stuff a console would have to deal with this unit wont. That leads to better overall performance at a given task.

3ds may have the name nintendo behind it but NGP has the power to back up their claims. multi-core ARM cpu and a PowerVR GPU. The powervr is actually a really good gpu.

It was able to beat out the likes of nvidia, ati and even the king of 3d (for the time) 3dfx. Using tile based rendering it didnt have to load everything and render it all at once. It only rendered what was being seen with a fast prefetch to load and unload textures on the fly.

Sony made a good choice for a portable gpu cause if they continue to use the tile rendering, it will mean more power in reserve from not rendering things you would prob never see.

Lovable2393d ago

"More better" hahahahhahaha sorry just had to laugh on that one...

inveni02392d ago

"More better" is no worse than "could 'reveal' many of today's consoles."

sikbeta2392d ago

More powerful= maybe not
More Awesome= yes :P

WetN00dle692392d ago

It will be the bestest handheld ever cause its more better than the 360!!!!!!!

Anyways, the psp2 looks freaking nice. So much so that i canceled my 3Ds pre-order just so i could pre-order this in its stead.

ChrisW2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

No, no, no!!! More gooderest!

The pidgin form of the comparative form of "good," followed by a ungrammatical double comparative, must then be followed by affixing the superlative in order to convey its omnipotence!

8thnightvolley2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

i dont know about powerful cuz clearly it says its 4 times the power of any mobile device out today or the psp and that is not where close to the power of any of the HD consoles secondly psp2 power is just about the level or slightly powerful than the xbox1 but for a handheld it should be seriously packing coz its a tech as of today and this is a 2011 tech and all that power on such a small screen size leave alot of overhead of power that can be used to do other things other than hD renders.. thus giving a very nice result. in a small package.

Incipio2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

@ 8thnightvolley

Dude, the original Xbox has a 700MHz Pentium III processor with 64MB of video ram(nVidia Nv2A)...and it ran games at 640 x 480 or 720 x 480.

The Quad-Core processor (most likely around 1.5GHz per core) in the PSP2 coupled with the PowerVR SGX543MP4+ will give at LEAST graphics that are a couple notches higher than the original Xbox. Even if the cores in the GPU are only at 200MHz'll still look better than Xbox 1, AND at a higher resolution.

That's right, this will be rendering games at a higher resolution than the original Xbox.

And since the Wii is barely as capable graphics-wise as the Xbox one, you could go even further and say the PSP2 will have more graphical prowess than the Wii. AND the Wii is ALSO stuck at 480p

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plb2393d ago

Don't care about price? I want this thing as much as the next person but I DO care about the price. I hope Sony doesn't make a similar mistake making launch price insanely high.

zireno2393d ago

Dude, it will release until the holiday season, save 35 bucks a month and you can buy it with a couple of games at launch.

malandra2393d ago

but it will have free online

pain777pas2393d ago

It will be the same as PSN today. The cost may be for 3G connectivity. I am still trying to see how we will not have to pay for it. Where I live? Data plans are expensive. If there is a work around I am all for it.

Anarki2393d ago

The only thing that could stop this from being better than the 3ds is the price point.......... Don't fuck this up for us Sony

crazyclown2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

get a job please and stop complaining

wait for a price drop in 2yrs...

Jio2392d ago

Actually, there could be hope. Sony actually could sell it for $250. Theyre going to sell the 3G version separate from wifi only model

Anarki2392d ago


I couldn't care about the price, myself. Just look at the ps3 and see how evident enough a high price fucks over your fanbase.


zez2393d ago

I'm sorry but I've gotta call this out - this site is full of crap :/ genuinely thought they would do a step-by-step hardware analysis, however....
"Another impressive feature is that the PSP2 out puts a native 1080p Resolution, the PS3 Outputs at the same, and the XBox360 Outputs at 720p and is upscaled to 1080i-then buffered once to achieved what many consider to be 1080i-Plus, but not quite 1080p."
1. The PSP2 outputs a native 1080p res.???
2. I thought the 360 Slim/elite could output in native 1080p?
It was the old 360 with only component cable connections that could output, at maximum, in 1080i?

OpenGL2393d ago

Yeah, the authors of the article definitely don't know what they're talking about. The vast majority of PS3 and 360 games are rendered natively in 720p, but a few games do support a native 1080p output. The 360's pixel fill rate is 4GPixel/s, roughly the same as the PS3's, not the 16GPixel/s they claim in the article.

Expecting the PSP2 to output natively in 1080p when it's built in display is 960x544 doesn't make a whole lot of sense. In fact, when playing games on an external display it will likely still only render games in 960x544 but will upscale it to 720p for the sake of television compatibility. Why would developers reduce the graphical quality of their games to support 720p when most users will not be playing their games on an external display?

Speaking of that, did Sony say the PSP2 has mini-HDMI? If it did that would be awesome because you could use a DualShock 3 with Bluetooth and have a single device to use as both your home console and handheld!

BulletToothtony2392d ago

@Zez actually the 360 does not have output "TRUE" 1080p, it upscales it but doesn't output native 1080p.

It creates pixels but was not built to output true full HD

Please see video..

Incipio2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

The old 360 can output in (upscaled) 1080p with component, let's put that one to rest. How do I know? I'm doing it right now.

As far as the PSP2 is concerned...maybe it can do VIDEO OUT (like watching a movie with video dock or cables) at 1080p, but there's no way in hell it could render games at 1080p.

@ OpenGL

That would be cool. With a handheld that has more graphical oomph than the original Xbox or Wii, I'd play it on a TV, for sure.

lil Titan2393d ago

i dont know about more powerful but its going to be better

morganfell2392d ago

I have to agree Prcko. I could care less about the price. It is impressive and developers are jumping all over it. I think long term. My PS3 cost me far far less than my 360 over a 3 year period. The NGP and it's phenomenal feature set will do the same.

GuruStarr782392d ago

More powerful "then"?

How does this poor use of English get approved?

BattleAxe2392d ago

More powerful = No

About as powerful = Yes

Kalipekona2392d ago

The PSP2/NGP is indeed a very powerful handheld, but it still isn't to the level of the two high def consoles in absolute terms.

And since the Xbox 360 and PS3 are approximately equal in power according to developers and other experts it wouldn't make sense to say "is the PSP2 more powerful than the 360" because it would have to be more powerful than both consoles. Is somebody really going to claim that the PSP2 is going to be the most powerful system of all? No, it clearly is not.

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BobbyMcCOOL2393d ago

This is one of the greatest advancements in technology I've seen I a while, I expect phones to catch up early next year though. cost of Technology needs to drop first.

Optical_Matrix2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I don't. Not early next year at least. Specs wise they'll catch up. But performance wise, for games at least, they won't come close. Even Carmack stated that the NGP's API's make it a generation ahead of the next generation of smart phones in terms of performance.

Here's the article:

pain777pas2393d ago

The thing about developer list is that Pres. of EA talked about the device and their interest in it. Stating that there was a market for it and EA yes EA was not on the list. E3 will be huge for the NGP. This was just to steal buzz from the 3DS while not attacking Nintendo the day it hits shelves. This was good business. Nintendo has time for the rebuttal and all is well. But Carmack is stating that the system is the real deal. They tried to bring Oblivion and could not. They have Dev Kits I bet and they can bring the Rage engine to the NGP. And yes if they can bring UC1 to the device before launch expect RR7, Wipeout HD and Lumines Supernova at launch. 2005 all over again.

hoops2393d ago

When the PSP2 is launched late this year, new crop of cell phones running new CPU configurations will be out. As a matter of fact, Nvidia is ready to release a Tegra 2 3D chip in the next few months
Now if you look at the road map for Nvidia, AMD, Qualcomm, Motorola, and the rest, what you see are CPU/GPU;s for mobile devices that are quite faster than the one in the PSP2.
This is how technology works. As soon as something is released, it's obsolete.

zez2393d ago

It won't be obsolete for a good year at least. You need a phone to have one of those talked about quad core ARM processors AND the Tegra 2 3D chip for it to be at the PSP2's level hardware wise. Even then the fact that it's not a dedicated gaming machine means that it will still be underdeveloped for and there'll be better looking games on the PSP2 rather than any phone for the next 3 years at least. Same thing happened with the PSP - in fact nothing on a phone looks as good as GOW:ghost of sparta as of yet.

hoops2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Nvidia is already working on the Tegra 3 and AMD will release its fusion chips not just for netbooks and tablets and notebook, but they are coming to smartphones too.
It's the way technology works. By 2012, hardware wise the PSP 2 will look dated.
The biggest advantage is its