NFS Shift 2 Preview from RaceSimCentral

RaceSimCentral goes hands-on with Need for Speed Shift 2 and takes a look at it from a sim-racer's point of view.

The preview includes info on the advanced tuning and "elite" control as well as the latest trailer and screenshots.

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showtimefolks2705d ago

its share of racing games and more to come i guess as long as there are people willing to buy. i bought gt5 and since than have not bought any other game maybe mt next racing game is either forza 0r NFS

EA needs to make a real street racing NFS underground or something not some weird story based game

MNicholas2705d ago

Shift developers, comparing GT5 and Shift 2 said this:

"They are a scientific model simulation experience ..."

Shift 2
" ... we are an authentic racing experience. Race day attitude, race day atmosphere, race day excitement."

helrazor3432705d ago

I like how the tuning sounds, and the realtime feedback of what you're doing (kinda like the dyno and test track of NFS: Underground 2), and I kinda liked the first one so I'll keep an eye on this.