Star Wars: Battlefront Interview with LucasArts

Gameplayer's in-depth interview with Star Wars: Battlefront associate producer K.C Coleman talks about how this PSP exclusive will differ from its console counterparts, and how the game will act to broaden the greater Star Wars mythology.

"When Col Serra came around and was created, he went through a few revisions, both graphically and psychologically as well, just as to who this guy was. We made him a friend of Han Solo's so that he had that buddy partnership, that kind of style that Han Solo has as well, the great sidekick. But we also made him very unique in the fact that he is somebody who is a little bit more mysterious, somebody whose path is a little bit different to Han Solo's, and you could possibly explore that later on in another game if that was possible."

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jared817993864d ago

Where in the hell is my next-gen Star Wars Battlefront?

SlappingOysters3864d ago

It's called Fracture. Well not really, but LucasArts are relying on multiplayer to push Fracture over the line as a package.

jared817993864d ago

Fracture Smacture, where's my monkey men! ....but yah, that game does look awesome though.