SOE Was “The Ideal Partner” for Slam Bolt Scrappers, PSN “Pushes The Boundaries”

Developer Fire Hose Games have nothing but love for publisher Sony Online Entertainment, telling PlayStation LifeStyle in an exclusive interview that SOE “was just the ideal partner”, allowing them them to “do whatever crazy stuff” they wanted with the rather awesome looking PlayStation Network exclusive Slam Bolt Scrappers.

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Sev2608d ago

SOE is on a roll lately.

doctorstrange2608d ago

They are a great indie publisher, as well as an awesome MMO developer

Trexman892607d ago

This is best looking game for psn by a mile

joinsideke2608d ago

I love that level of creativity. Well see what happens next

decimalator2608d ago

I think Sony does a great job of helping find and cultivate these kinds of games, one of my favorite parts about the PSN

BigWoopMagazine2607d ago

Ditto. Quick fun fresh games, gotta love it.