PlayStation Phone Just Another Brick In The Wall, Gamers Stay Away

By now most of you seen the exclusive first look Engadget posted on the so-called “PlayStation Phone”, detailing the operating system and hardware. The phone is really no different from any other Android powered device, the only real difference here in the “PlayStation” branding. I can imagine that the real reason Sony Ericsson is doing this device is out of pure desperation, a move to save their money losing venture that is Sony and Ericsson partnership.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2826d ago

Haha, Idiots Thought This Was The PSP2

ComboBreaker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"the only real difference here in the 'PlayStation' branding."

And the ability to play Playstation Suite games, something that no-certified Android phones can not play.

Only Playstation Certified Android phones (such as the Xperia Play and many others to come) can play Playstation Suite games.

What this article is saying is this:

"You should stay away from [x] Android phone because it is no different from every other Android phones."

I mean, WTF?!