What Sony's NGP has and 5 things it needs

With the announcement of the NGP's features, what else does Sony have to have its new console do to be a success?

A quick rundown of the features and a five part opinion of what needs to be included.

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MrAwesome2727d ago

I don't like the PSP but the NGP has actually caught my attention more than the 3ds, all it needs is a nice list of offficial games and I might be sold.

pat_11_52727d ago

Have you seen the non Sony pics of it? It looks huge as heck, I just noticed that now. It's got quite a lot of junk in the trunk

NoobSessions2726d ago

Anyone else kinda not liking the behind touchpad and welcome menu?

Venatus-Deus2726d ago

How do you not like what you haven't tried?

It's not like they are forcing you to eat bugs.

hatchimatchi2726d ago

lol, forcing you to eat bugs

I think the touch pad on the rear is cool. It's going to be optional in games like uncharted, they said that last night. Making is mandatory would be stupid (lair anyone?) when all the required buttons and sticks are right there. Plus, the touchpad on the back could function as l2 / r2 buttons for certain games.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2726d ago

I didnt at first but at least my fingers wont be in the way now.

pat_11_52726d ago

I thought the behind touch pad was kind of weird, my friends thinks it has endless possibilities. I'm a little more skeptical.

yugioh1002726d ago

What Sony's NGP has and 5 things it needs

besides games that aren't sequels for boring franchises? i don't know.

nolifeking2726d ago

Funny, considering sequels to stale franchises(in most cases)is all the 3ds has going for it.....nostalgia aside.

hatchimatchi2726d ago

wow, sounds like someone is butthurt.

Because Nintendogs & CATS sounds so exciting....

Kid Icarus, a sequel to a mediocre decades old game. Yes, kid Icarus was mediocre, it's a poor man's zelda/metroid and wasn't very popular when it was released.

Zelda: OOT, yes it's easily one of my favorite games of all time, but it's just a port that looks pretty.

Pilotwings, yes it's fun but OH WOW it's a sequel.

It goes both ways for every console/handheld.

yugioh1002726d ago

yawn.....they sell though, and there is more original stuff on the ds that you'll ever see on a sony system.

hatchimatchi2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

No crap, that's why i own a ds. There's also tons of stuff on sony's machines that you'll never find on a nintendo machine. Hence the reason I own a ps3 and psp.

It's pretty funny how you moved your argument to sales after you realized you made a fool out of yourself.