Why We Should Dread the Nintendo 3DS Launch []

Nintendo systems often entice gamers to get them on launch day. But with its weak battery life and lackluster launch lineup, is the Nintendo 3DS worth getting on day one?

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MAiKU2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

The only thing i would dread is just getting the handheld. I remember i had a hard time finding a DS, and i only got one from Kmart because no one ever thought of going there. haha...

I think everyone dreads that.

TheSanchezDavid2545d ago

They'll always be where you least expect them. Haha Personally, I'm dreading the launch lineup.

firefoxprime2544d ago

I'm sorry but this blogger or whatever is a fool.

1. Launch Library: Nintendo showcased awesome titles last E3. Will those 1st party titles make launch? Nope. Nintendo Fanboys on a daily basis continue to complain about the lack of 1st party titles at launch.

Here's a question for you. Why is there a lack of 1st party titles at launch? Nintendo simply wants to allow 3rd party co's to have the first slice of pie. Remember the huge 3rd-party support? If Nintendo released Zelda,Mario, and Kid Icarus along side the present launch titles, which do you think people would buy? Yeah. Exactly.

2. Weak Battery Life: People are complaining about the weak batter life. Fortunately that 3-5 hr play time is only when "all" capabilities are set on high. High on backscreen lighting,wifi,volume,(3D? actually no). So if your not using wifi, then your play time will increase. Its like using bluetooth on your cell. It kills your battery.

3. Newer Model: Iwata himself (during Ask Iwata) states that this time around, the compact design is at the very beginning. If you look at the comparison pics, the 3DS is a tad bit smaller than the dsi/lite. I will take that with a grain of salt.

4. Poor Online Play: Absolutely. Yet the 3DS drastically improves its online capabilities. There is now only "1" universal friend code. You only need to use it once for you personal system. And...its 12digits vs 16.

This guy has a reasonable yet ... gripe against Nintendo. 3DS lite, xl...etc

I have my DS lite. I never bought a DSi. Didn't need 1. Didn't buy a XL. Didn't need that either. So whether or not a new iteriation comes out, I will enjoy me 3DS.

TheSanchezDavid2544d ago

@firefoxprime: First of all, I would just like to say thanks for calling me a fool. =P Not a blogger, by the way. My official title is freelance games journalist.

But enough about that.

1. In terms of launch titles, yes, Nintendo is trying to let third-party devs shine, but most of these third-party games are pretty bad with the exception of a few gems. Whatever Nintendo's goal may be, there's no denying how weak the launch window actually is.

2. The battery life is poor any way you look at it. With all of those capabilities turned on, it will only last about four hours. With them off, the most it will last is eight, which is far less than the DSi XL (about 18 hours).

3. Just look at the GBA and the DS. Nintendo will release a new 3DS model. Even if it's just slightly modified and features a longer battery life.

4. My editorial praises Nintendo for switching to a universal system-based Friend Code. However, it notes the fact that Wi-Fi Connection service is generally buggy, which is a total pain.

I really have no gripe against Nintendo. I think they're a great company and I've stood by them since I was a kid. Heck, the Wii is my favorite current-gen system, and it was the only current-gen system I owned for quite some time.

This editorial was just meant to note some flaws of the 3DS launch period. I actually wrote another editorial praising the handheld's launch (not sure if you've seen that one). I wanted to give both sides of the argument to see where gamers stand on the subject.