BenHeck Xbox 360 Wireless 'Duke' Controller Mod

Benjamin J Heckendorn (alias Ben Heck) released a new Xbox 360 mod ... he converted the original Xbox1 'duke' controller into a wireless Xbox360 controller:

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BloodySinner3901d ago

Cool but I don't see myself touching that filth.

Feihc Retsam3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I dealt with the "DUKE" when it arrived, but I was delighted when the Controller "S" was released.
The relocation of the "black" and "white" buttons was enough to make you want to upgrade.
Even if the overall size hadn't been adjusted, the button placement was a much needed revision.
IMHO, the controller-S was the most confortable and functional last-gen controller.
Now my vote has to go to the Xbox360 controller.
I know some people are loyal to SONY and don't blame them for failing to do a controller redesign, but after getting used to analog triggers, and ergonomic shell of the Xbox360 controller, every time I pick up the SIXAXXIS, it just doesn't feel like it was engineered for human hands.

The fact that SONY had the "Boomerang" concept out there tells you that they know the controller needs a redesign, they just couldn't pull it off in time.

fjtorres3901d ago

I love the Duke.
The new one is too small; I get finger cramps that I never get with the original.
I'd settle for an wired adapter to use it with 360.
You'd think the third party guys would get with the program by now...

iNcRiMiNaTi3901d ago

but that controller is fugly, i liked my type-S over that one back in the day and the 360 one is way better, and wheres his guide button?

MannyHarlem1413901d ago

batteries? c'mon heck.. u shoudl be able to DESIGN a fuggin' a lithium ion battery pack, you fool

vudu3901d ago

Cool idea I guess. Personally I hated the black and white buttons on top.

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